Teal Braces – 2nd Month

I’ve been wearing braces for about a month now. Thank goodness I did not have any ulcers but I do have some problem eating sticky and hard food substances. With this stainless steel wiring and brackets in my mouth, I could not really enjoy my good food like chicken wings and pizza because the pieces of food will just get stuck between my teeth and braces. How yucky is that?

I’ve been wanting to try white-coloured bands for my braces but my dentist advised me to take coloured bands. She said it’s always good to have some colours. Besides, white bands will get easily stained. This month of March I decided to go for Teal colour, a rather bright,cheery blue with a hint of green. Talking about fashion trends, it’s definitely a springtime colour! This season is all about bright,vivid colours and stark colour contrast like yellow and blue will make a perfect fashion statement for this season. The teal bands turned out pretty okay with my braces. Perhaps my skin is fair and the teal colour really brings out the fairness in my skin.

Which colour should I choose for my braces in the next dental appointment?

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