The Five Language of Love: Gifts from The Body Shop

Recently, I’ve been reading this book called ” The Five Love Languages (Singles edition)” and it was written by this Christian author named Gary Chapman.  You would think it’s a book for the singles who hungers for love or it’s probably one of those self-help books for singles? Girl, you are wrong. Yes, this is a good read for singles out there but it’s a must-read book for everyone who has a heart. Do you have a heart? Yes? So, please read it. One of the love languages mentioned in this book is the gifts. This week (coincidentally) I received a gift from a colleague who showed her love and appreciation through gifts. It was a pleasant surprise because it was a gift from The Body Shop and I’ve always been waiting to try their shower and body products but could not bear to spend a single penny on such expensive items. Boy, she really made my day!

Strawberry Body Polish: Walnut shell, Kiwi Seeds and Community Trade Honey

 This product smells great on the first whiff. I love using shower gels or body wash which smells great on the skin. The scent is sweet and fruity. Basically, it smells exactly like strawberries! You could even see specks of strawberry seeds floating in the shower gel. Oh wait, those aren’ts strawberry seeds! Those are actually kiwi seeds which serve as an exfoliant in the shower gel. Be warned though that this shower scrub is not meant for the face.

While reading the product description sticker paste right at the back of the product, I found something quite intriguing: ” Community Trade Honey”. What’s community trade? I did a little research on this and found out that the term means practising fair trade system through the purchase of ingredients from marginalised communities in the world. It’s sort of like a programme which was pioneered by The Body Shop which aims to serve and help small communities in poorer countries like Zambia to practise sustainability and to protect their communities and environment as a whole. Knowing that part of the product’s proceeds will be given to those who are in need really adds meaning and value in purchasing the product. Shopping can actually be a meaningful activity!

My take on this product? This is absolutely fantastic. The crushed walnut shells are pretty fine and less abrasive so it exfoliates the skin gently. It foams up slightly so it could also cleanse the skin well without drying the skin out. After getting out of the shower, I swear I smelt like candy canes actually! Really sugary!

Papaya is one of my favourite summer fruits of all time because its fleshy and it smell and taste really sweet. This Papaya body butter also smells amazingly great! I just love the sugary, sweet scent of the papayas! If you often patronize The Body Shop stores, you would have seen the wide variety of flavoured body butter displayed across the shelves. It’s pretty popular actually  ever since The Body Shop came up with their own body butter series. My skin has been really dry these days especially my hands,elbows and knees. There are different flavours of body butter for different skin types. The richer body butters are like the Cocoa Body butter which is suited for very dry skin. The Aloe Vera body butter, a lighter and less creamy body butter,is suitable for sensitive skin. The best time to slap on some body butter is after a nice, long bath or shower.

With these two products, my showering experience will never be the same as before!

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