Aimer’s Swimwear Fashion Show 2012

Aimer’s Swimwear Fashion Show 2012

 After attending last week’s fashion show at VivoCity Amphitheatre, another event organiser contacted me to attend this week’s fashion showcase by Aimer. I have not heard about this brand before but now I know and for those of you who are reading this, Aimer is a lingerie brand which also sells designer swimsuits. Now, you know.

What’s so special about their current collection is their inspiration behind it. They introduce a new range of swimwear “gowns” that is something classy,elegant and unique which women could put on for any special occasions. It’s no longer just a suit for yourself to laze by the poolside or have a dip in the pool, it’s again about looking and feeling great in that special “designer gown” for the beach.

I’m pretty obstinate when it comes to photography. I knew many bloggers out there have already upgraded their digital cameras to DSLR but I still prefer to stick to my trusty digital camera. Who says you can’t take great pictures with a compact-sized camera? Or rather, who says you would get excellent photo shots from the DSLR all the time?

I was given the exclusive privilege to sit right infront of the runway, with other professional photographers and I was probably the only media personnel with a small, childish-looking compact camera. It’s a little embarrassing whipping out a small digi camera infront of those professional photographers who had their DSLR’s, BIG lenses and tripod stands with them. Thought I felt rather inadequate, I have faith with myself and my trusty, quirky and colourful compact camera. Who knows, maybe my multi-coloured camera would capture the attention of the models and to have them looking into my camera?

 At around 7.15pm, the fashion show started off with a bang when the models dished out Aimer’s swimwear which comes in vibrant colours and loud,tribal prints with hints of bohemian-ness to it.

Neoclassicism Collection swimsuit
 How about some leopard-inspired prints for the animal or nature lovers? Safari-inspired outfits are pretty hot for this upcoming summer season too.

 Lovely! She did gave me a little glance at my camera, looking in the direction of my camera.

Pure Collection Swimsuit

Strutting the runway with this classy black-white designer swimwear gown. Jazz up the outfit with some bangles and a sparkly clutch.

Summer Breeze Collection Swimsuit

Playing with prints can be rather fun too. But just remember to keep it simple as the prints on any clothing is a statement piece itself.

Colour-Blocking. I’ve noticed that the trends these days is pair contrasting colours together. Placing non-analogous colours together is a new dimension in today’s fashion world. 

As I was sitted right infront, I had a good close-up look of the model’s hair,make-up and outfits.The make-up look for the models are kept pretty simple with blush,eyeshadow and lipstick that carries an orange tint. The orange blush on their cheeks did brought out the fairness and radiance in their skin.

Golden Orchids Collection 
 This had to be one of my favourite swimwear for that day’s fashion show. The royal blue spells out elegance and the hints of green adds that vibrancy to the outfit. Pair this swimwear with golden accesories and that would make you the Goddess for that day at the beach.

Summer Breeze Collection Swimsuit
 Oh, that typical “I’m superwoman” pose. I love how the way she poses especially with that wind in her hair.
 Gotcha! She looked into my camera!

By far, this is my second fashion show and I’m starting to really enjoy viewing the work of fashion designers on the runway. There’s alot of inspiration and effort behind this 30 minute fashion show.Not only the models and the fashion pieces bu also the music,lighting,crowd and atmosphere plays a part in making the fashion show a success. Fashion show photography also involves a different set of skills which I’ve yet to explore. There’s so much to learn but things are just beginning to get a little more exciting and challenging.

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