Back to the Bible!

“They read from the Book of the Law of God, making it clear and giving the meaning…” Nehemiah 8:5-8  

I used have some reservations about Charismatic churches. I just didn’t want to be deemed as that passive worshipper who stood still while singing praises to the Lord.

At ACJC, we used to have chapel service every Wednesday where all of us would practically “rock” to that Hillsong’s track. I was somehow inclined to lift up my hands to the Heavens like the others so as not to be deemed as the “odd ball” who didn’t seem to be moved by the Holy spirit.

After hearing a touching sermon, they teared and I cried along – the only difference being that mine were crocodile tears. Though I’ve been singing with the other Christians faithfully, I couldn’t really relate to the song at all. It just sounded nice and melodious. It was “cool” to sing it because the song screams,” I love God.” And why do we lift up our hands to God? Because everyone else was doing it so I followed.  

The truth is that I had a dearth of Bible knowledge. I wasn’t taught on how to read it and decipher it. I didn’t think that I could seek the truth and the word of God from the bible. I thought that the bible was meant for the scholars to study. The wordy text was probably not for common man like us to read? Our God is good, kind and forgiving God. That was probably the only truth I knew about Him then. I didn’t even know what was the purpose of attending church? Was it a social hangout place for the young?  

Now, going back to the oddball, I felt like I am entering into another realm where I discover missing pieces of the puzzle in life. Thanks to the weekly sermons and bible study sessions I had at church, I started to witness the love of our Father through the scriptures. Reading the little love messages from God in the bible simply fills my heart with joy. The scriptures in the bible are timeless and it transcends all time periods. Though the bible isn’t Harry Potter, I am still spellbounded by the Word of God which were written for the living, dead and the unborn.

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