Crocs VivoCity Fashion Show

Crocs @ VivocityConcept Store

What’s in my Crocs goodie bag?

The boy in blue must be wondering, ” Wow, this place totally resembles like a shoe heaven!”

True, indeed!

How cute is that!
Too bad ,  it’s for kiddos only.

What is Doraemon’s favourite colour?
Why? Cause it goes, ” Ang, ang, ang” ( which is “red” in Hokkien)

Such a sweet candilicious girly bag for the princesses.

I spotted this crocs shoes donating box right outside the Crocs Store and I thought it is really meaningful to donate your old crocs for the people who are walked barefoot to school everyday. We must always coutn ourselves lucky because most of us here in Singapore can afford a pair of shoes to protect our feet as we travel out and about. I felt really blessed and when we are all blessed, we should learn to share our blessings with one another.Have your crocs shoes worn out? Grab a new pair at Crocs and bring along that old pair too! Doing some charity while shopping!

At around 5.30pm, all the bloggers headed up to the Vivo Amphitheatre at level 3 to catch the fashion show.This would be my very first time watching a fashion show with professional models doing the catwalk down the runway.

Walk it like a pro. In comfort.

Oh You beautiful people.

Check out my new pair of crocs here!

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