L’Oreal BaseMagique: Transforming Smoothing Primer

Been using this for weeks now. It’s great that it actually did not clog my pores at all. All it does is to give your skin a smoother finishing.

I bought this face primer during the Watson’s sale. I guess I’ve been splurging alot on beauty products this year! You can find pretty good deals at Watson’s. This primer was bought at a 30% discount so after deductions, it costs about $20 or less than that!

Nearly every beauty reviews on blogs and vlogs would rave about L’Oreal’s BaseMagique transforming smoothing primer. I’m not really a fan of L’Oreal but I knew I got to try this after reading so many good reviews about it. Plus, I needed a face primer to prime my skin before putting make-up.

I guess it had worked well for me so far as it glides really smoothly on my skin and best of all, the silicone-based cream does not clog my pores. In fact, it’s best to avoid direct contact of any make-up with your bare skin as it can easily clog pores. It will be good if you can introduce a barrier between the skin and make-up like a light facial moisturiser or a face primer. The primer helps to prep your skin before applying make-up so that the pigments from the make-up can lasts on the skin longer.

I also apply this primer on my eyelid to prime my eyelides before putting on eyeshadow. In that way, I don’t have to spend extra to purchase an eye primer like…Urban Decay’s eye primer which is so expensive! This pinkish,light cream primer is good enough for my acne-proned and oily skin.

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