Ma Maison @ Bugis Junction

Ma Maision, Singapore

Maybe it was God’s calling for us to change our spanish class and we did! We had our new spanish teacher today and her name was Carmen. She’s a witty and energetic woman! I am really glad to be taught by her. Anyway, after our spanish class, we headed over to Ma Maison at Bugis Junction. It’s a pretty well-know Japanese restaurant serving european and western-fusion cuisine.

Right smack on its cover of the menu book was a picture of their in-house paella. It’s a famous spanish dish and how could we not try it? So, we signalled for the waiter to come and ordered paella along with some escargots.

 The interior of the restaurant was pretty stunning. The whole restaurant has an old English country feel to it and it exludes a warm and homely feel with its orange lighting. It resembles exactly like an quaint old European home furnished with floral curtains and wooden furniture.

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Served with burning flames.

The escargot was sautéed with garlic and butter tasted absolutely delicieux!
This is definitely not my first time tasting this Valencian dish and this seafood-flavoured dish is very appetizing and it surely teases your tastebuds!

   Me encantaría visitar este restaurante de nuevo!

Ma Maison Restaurant 
200 Victoria Street

                                                       #02-51 Bugis Junction Singapore

Tel: +65 6338 4819

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