Mango and Elle Shopping Night

I was at MANGO and ELLE’s Shopping Night @ Raffles City Shopping Centre! This event was opened to anyone who signed up for the event. This had to be one of those special shopping moments where you have live music from the DeeJay and models to showcase Mango’s latest Spring/Summer collection.

The crowd was pretty huge! By the time the clock strikes 7pm, there are a long queue of people waiting to get into the store.

There’s always a queue when it comes to such events that hands out goodie bags or doorgifts. These are the main attractions to any sort of events in Singapore! Singaporeans just love free stuff!

What’s in my goodie bag? There’s a sample kit from Phyto Hair, chocolate cupcake, a pink Mango totebag and a $10 voucher from the Makeup store. Sweet!

Photocredit: Elle Singapore

I’m pretty excited about their summer collection. Their collection is kind of in sync with the current Spring 2012 trend and like any other high-end fashion shops, they had a range of sweet and bright pastel-coloured clothes which really complements any skin-tone. My favourite is mint green or turquoise as it really brings out the fairness in my skin. I had a slight yellow undertone in my skin so cool like blue or green will help to bring more focus and attention to the colour and at the same time, creates a nice contrast with the colour of my skin-tone.

All the Mango sales assistants were wearing this brightly-coloured striped top. It’s an interesting colour combination as it uses the color brown to neutralise the two bright and stark colours.

When I visit Mango, I usually shop for their bags which are affordable and durable as compared to bags from Zara, Forever 21… Plus, their designs are always simple,classic and timeless. Nothing too fancy, nothing too awfully plain for women who needs a good trusty bag to complement her everyday wear.

Photocredit: Elle Singapore

Photocredit: Elle Singapore

On the mini platform or runway, we’ve got two gorgeous models for the night.

This is a pretty modern and chic look. Large, striking prints are really in for this Summer.

During the event, ELLE’s fashion wardrobe designer also shared with us some fashion tips for shoppers.

1) When someone compliments that you look good in a certain colour, do remember it.
2) Enter a dressing room with 3-way mirror so that you could see how you look from every different angle. Looking good infront doesn’t meet you will look good at the back or sides.
3) Purchase clothing pieces which you can wear in 3 different ways. If that jacket enables you to do that, it’s considered a good worthy investment.

A solo female traveller.
All ready to conquer the Safari in her hot Zebra pants.

Get that bohemian look with this top that has pretty paisley prints on it.

Oh, that sweet sweet girl-next-door look. Laced skirt paired with a white,sheer top and a  golden pair of sandals.

Struttin’ in style with the models as I browse through the racks, searching for something suitable for my wardrobe. But it’s a tough decision to make because my pocket is running tight.

Timeless. Classic.
That spells out the style of my warddrobe.

Looking at pictures of beautiful people is a blessing. Being able to admire the beautiful things in life is wonderful.

I’ve boght the creamed-colour bag and this bohemian-style top with past blue and yellow trible prints. I pair this with a red organgey skinny pants but sadly, I did not get to stash away the red pants though! 

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