My First Birthday Gift: Tony Moly’s Peach Handcreams

Tony Moly’s Anti-aging Peach hand cream

My birthday’s in a week’s time! Not like I’m having a birthday bash or anything, I just feel that the day I was born is a special day which I would feel really special. C’mon, it’s that day that I first emerged as a baby into this world! The day I took my first breath of oxygen from the atmosphere. It’s just a day which I simply remember dearly in my heart. A little rejoice in my heart with God’s love is sufficient.

Birthday’s aside, I was totally in love with this Peach hand-cream when I first used it. The packaging looks cute enough but it doesn’t really spells out anything of quality. I thought it was just another Korean beauty product which is made to look and smell good only. So when I first opened the mini peach tub, I was pleasantly surprise to see that the texture of the cream is pretty thick. You could say it’s almost like body butter. Most of the hand creams in the drugstores are slightly less creamier and thick.

The creamy texture got me really excited to slather a pea-size amount of it on my calloused hands. Oh, it smell like peaches and cream! The scent is similar to Yoplait’s peach yogurt. My Achilles heels is scented products. With that, I would have already list this cream to be one of my monthly favourites!

My hands are always dry, especially my palms which can get rather rough. The skin on my hands are always dehydrated and I had “feed” the skin cells with a highly moisturising hand cream or lotion to hydrate it.  And surprise, surprise, the moisturising effect for this peach cream is pretty good. It’s even better than the Crabtree and Evelyn’s Garden Therapy hand cream as moisturising effect of this peach cream last longer.

I figured that I should go “google” about this Peach hand cream to find out about it’s brand and ingredients since the label underneath the product is all written in korean which I couldn’t even comprehend a single word of it. Little did I know that this product was widely raved about by several users in the online beauty community. In Sasa’s website, the product description given was:

Tony Moly Peach Anti-aging Hand Cream contains extracts of peach and apricot, which makes it a whitening product. Besides, it contains adenosine, an anti-wrinkle ingredient. It gives hands sufficient nutrients, diminishes wrinkles of hands and makes hands elastic again.

It is retailed at a price of US$7.10 at

As my hands can get pretty dry and rough, I sometimes would feel rather insecure when it comes to shaking hands with someone. They must be thinking, ” Goodness, your hand is pretty rough for a girl!” At all cost, I try to moisturise my hands, especially the skin on my palms from time to time. If you are facing the same woes here, maybe you could give this product a try! What is there to lose? It smells really yummy too!

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