New Crocs New You for Spring 2012

I’ve been watching alot of YouTube videos lately and everyone from the other part of the world are screaming, ” It’s Springtime!”. But right here in Sunny Singapore, we only could enjoy summer throughout the whole year. Anyhow, who says that you can’t enjoy spring in Asia? Paint the whole town red with vibrant, bright and cheery colours like pastel pink, jade green and coral blue. Stunning.

Here’s one spring item that I’ve just got. Check this Crocs out! This shoe also looks good on the inside. Love the checkered design!

Walk in Comfort, wear in style.
I’m loving the color. It’s so perfect for spring and it matches with my spring outfits!

Melbourne II Short VampSlip-on canvas shoe
Color: Oyster

When I tried on this pair of shoes, I felt like I’ve been totally lifted and supported up. My feet was well-cushion and when you are feeling all comfy in your new pair of shoes, you will feel a new sense of confidence about yourself. You see, I’ve been wearing cheapo (cheap but non-durable) pretty shoes from smaller shoe boutiques from Bugis street and shopping malls that look trendy but not durable at all. Afterall it’s cheap ( less than $20 per pair) and I thought that I wouldn’t mind disposing it after the shoes have worn out. But I didn’t realise that the shoes I’m wearing can affect your body posture,spine and your feet. Your feet is supporting your whole body’s weight and that’s quite a burden on your poor little feet! So, from today onwards, I’m gonna shower it with some care and love. New crocs, new me.

Wearing crocs to work.

Crocs has recently launched this new campaign called, “ New Crocs New Me” which introduces a new range of stylish shoes for men and women that provides good comfort. Crocs isn’t just about that big rubber soled shoes. It’s all about comfort and style. You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. You can now rock on heels with Crocs!

Walk out that door with confidence!


Leather-wrapped Croslite™ material footbed
Approx. 4 inches high
SGD 209.90
These are some of my favourites from Crocs.

I would definitely get this for Summer!
Above Deck Boat Shoe
Great for any spring or summer outfit!
This pair of crocs is pretty cute too!
These wedges is great for work and it gives your height a nice boost.

With so many pairs of different Crocs to choose from, you would probably need some help in finding a suitable pair for your outfit. The good news is Crocs has also recently launched a new mobile app!

Crocs Mix and Match Mobile App: You can now download Crocs Mix and Match mobile application which allows you to find a suitable pair of crocs to match what you are wearing!

Croc’s MakeOver Contest : Your chance to win a make-over package from Crocs which is worth USD $8,000! Click here for more details about the contest. Submission ends on 15 May 2012!

Check out the new range of Crocs at Croc’s Singapore Website.

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