Paradise Dynasty@ION Orchard

Picture speaks a thousand words.
You just had to see this for yourself.
One of my favourite chinese restaurants in town.
The Grand Entrance.
Welcome to the Year of the Dragon!
( My zodiac sign! Hooray!)

Upon entering the restaurant, you can see the chef at work through the glass window.

Working hard to serve you the wonderful delicacies.

Ahh… this cold dish is simply perrrrfect for the hot weather right now. Cold, tender white chicken immerse in rice wine sauce.

Century egg with a modern twist.

Chicken herbal tonic soup.
It’s time to boost the energy level of the brain cells.

Meat dumpling.
Toing-Toing. Nice and chewy.

Ahh hah! The legendary multi-colored xiao long bao with 8 different distinct flavours!
My favourite one is the cheese xiao long bao!
This is one of main reasons why we came to frequent this restaurant.

Cripsy pastries stuff with white carrot.
Another fantastic dim sum.

Not that spectacular.

This dish caught me by surprise.
The tofu was actually served cold and marinated in soya sauce.
Or maybe its oyster sauce? Hoisin sauce? With some sesame oil?

Zha Jiang Mian!
The noodles are hand-made so it tastes rather unique, unlike the other noodles you usually eat in the hawker centres.

The broth is so thick and heavenly.
They must have boiled the soup for hours.
Ending off the great meal with some desserts.
Here’s mango pudding.

I can’t remember what’s the filing of this puff balls but it isn’t that memorable.
I would definitely be back for the dim sum, xiao long bao, noodles and main dishes that were pretty awesome and tasty! But I would skip the desserts.

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