StarHub’s Exclusive Event: Sunsilk Academy Fantasia

Over the last weekend, I received an invitation from Starhub to attend a media conference in town but no details of the event were given. That really got me to start thinking, what sort of event could this be? It seemed like there is probably going to showcase something new,fresh and totally exclusive. It’s so secretive that they didn’t want to reveal anything til I reach the Bellini Room at St James Power Station.

Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s Media Conference

But I was still totally clueless about this event til I saw the words at the backdrop.

It got me really excited to be hearing first-hand from Starhub that a new talent singing show is going to be launched coming 8 July 2012. It’s a singing reality contest where the lives of the contestants will be filmed on the channel.  Don’t we all love to read and probe into the lives of others sometimes? Aren’t some of us really nosy?

On first sight, I was wondering why the contest was named ” Sunsilk Academy Fantasia” because it sounded like a Sunsilk-sponsored contest for hair stylists. Well, in fact, Academy Fantasia is a popular and internationally succesful singing competition which was first conceptualized in Mexico in 2002. Regional countries such as Indonesia,Malaysia,Thailand,Cambodia,India and China bought rights to launch this singing reality contest in their respective countries.

Host for the show ( from left to right): Ophelia Su Bei Ru and Louis Wu.

For those who aspire to be a superstar, you will probably be wondering…

What exactly is the competition about?

It’s 10-week singing reality competition where 14 finalists will get to pit against each other everyweek to emerge as the champion. The 14 finalists have to go through intensive trainings over a period of 10 weeks in singing,dancing and acting to be groomed up to be our next local superstar. It’s going to be exciting because they will be trained by well-know media personalities who are equipped with a rich experience. As TV viewers, we also get to learn a tip or two from the pros when we watched how the 14 finalists carry out their training sessions.They will also be housed in a specially built academy monitored by a 18-hour close circuit cameras.

What are the criteria for entering this contest?

1) You must be between the ages of 16 to 30.
2) Any nationalities.

Who is suited to enter this contest?

1) Able to adapt to live under the limelight.
2) Comfortable about exposing and sharing your life with others.
3) Strong determination to undergo gruesome training sessions.

When is the audition?

19 May and 20 May 2012 at Square 2 Shopping Mall

How many contestants will be selected?

14 contestants.

What to expect once I’m selected to be one of the finalists ? (YAY!)

The 14 finalists will pit against one another on their singing abilities and showmanship during weekly concerts held at Dragonfly Bar, St. James Power Station where contestants with the lowest number of votes will be elimated each week.

How are the contestants judged?

30% – Judge’s choice
70% – SMS voting by the public

What is the prize for the winner? 

– A coveed prize of a 2-year singing contract
– A recording album with renowned local record label, Ocean Butterflies.
– Ocean Butterflies will take the winner under its wings and be responsible for grooming the winner.

Who are the judges?

There will be 3 judges. What is revealed so far during the press conference is that Billy Koh, the founder of Ocean Butterflies will be one of the resident judges for this upcoming contest.

Is this going to be like “Singapore Idol” or the Taiwan’s “One Million Star” show ?

No. In fact, this is pretty much similar to America Next Top Model or Project Runway where the contests will be housed in an academy with 18-hour camera surveillance to capture the contestants’ every move and progress. In doing so, the fans can track the transformatin and makings of a superstar. That means no digging of nose and scratching yourself while you are confined in the academy.

Another distinct difference about this contest is in it’s goal to groom the next talented artiste who can do proud for Singapore in the international music scene. These people coming together to create platforms for youths to showcase their singing abilities, passion and talent. At least, you know that there is opportunities out there for those who is passionate about singing.

From left to right: Billy Koh, Ms Eva Chang and Mr.Tan Tong Hai

When I heard of this contest, I was quite tempted to sign up for this singing contest too. Taking part in the various singing contest to get myself being recognised and spotted by music producers were also part of my musical journey. Through such contest and stage performance, I gained experiences and most importantly, confidence. Being confident of yourself is what makes heads turn. Good self-esteem and confidence comes from within. What’s one way of boosting your self-confidence? Having smooth and silky beautiful hair that shines under the spotlight. And Sunsilk will play an important role in making the contestants’ crown shine. Now you know why Sunsilk is in the picture…

Don’t forget to catch this new TV programme on Academy Fantasia Channel which will be made available on StarHub TV!  

You can also catch the simulcast of the Academy Fantasia Channel online on . 

Weekly concerts will also be aired on E City, Academy Fantasia Channel, Starhub TV on Mobile and online!

Sponsor’s for this production includes Sunsilk,Darlie and Eclipse (Wrigley Company).
I will be reviewing this set of Sunsilk’s product too!
Stay tuned as I will be bringing you the latest updates and information about Sunsilk Academy Fantasia.

Starhub had officially crowned me as their official Sunsilk Academy Fantasia VIP!

For more information, visit

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