We had our May babies birthday celebration at Settlers Cafe. It’s a board game-themed cafe and there are tonnes of boardgames for you to choose from!
“10 Days in Africa.” It’s a strategic board game that requires some good organisation skills and a little luck.
Difficulty Level: Medium

And there came the EXPECTED surprise. I knew the cake was coming but who knew what sort of cake it would be? Chocolate, blackberry forest or strawberry?

TAH-DAH! I am already eyeballing at those large and juicy strawberries surrounded with fresh whipped cream.

Strawberry Shortcake from Four Leaves bakery.

Vanilla sponge layered with strawberry slices and fresh cream.
It’s soft,light, creamy and fluffy. It’s neither too sweet or rich. It’s a perfect dessert for the summer.

3 Birthday Candles: The blue one’s for Vic, yellow’s for me and the red’s for Mich. It happens that our ages are in consecutives with me in between.

How about a slice of cake for some self-indulgence? What’s even better is strawberry chunks embedded in the sponge cakes that provides an element of surprise just as your teeth sinks in. “Oh! There’s strawberries on the inside too!”

Stretch Bracelet

My birthday gift from the Bridge really caught me by surprise! Honestly, I wasn’t really hoping for the best when I notice that my birthday gift was the smallest among the gifts. Initially, I thought it was just a small bottle of scented moisturiser or body lotion. ButI was in utter amazement when I reaped open the package and draw out an item which I’ve seen it on display in DIVA but didn’t want to splurge on it. Along side with the Mint green watch, I also receive a pastel blue bracelet. In fact, I was slightly embarrassed and ashamed of myself to have thought that I would dissappointed in receiving that small gift pack. In life, don’t let the big,pompous things fool you. The small intricate details in life could be more valuable and precious. Lesson learnt: Don’t be too superficial.

On my birthday itself, Eunice kindly offered me a ticket to watch a musical at Marina Bay Sands Theatre. Though she was waaayyy late and the show wasn’t really as fantastic as I thought it would be,  I had a great time snapping photos of  local celebrities sashaying down the red carpet and catching up with my bestie Eunice. 

The very next day, I had a casual meet up with friends and was again pleasantly surprise after returning from the loo because just as I took my seat, the waitress popped by our table with a giant green macaron and on it, stucked a lighted candle. “Happy Birthday to you…” That has become one of my favourite tunes up-to-date. 

Then, came another bestie. My so-called life-time travel room mate. She’s the best roomie I ever had! During one of the catching up sessions, we met up over brunch and celebrated my belated birthday in the most traditional way. The four birthday traditions:  the birthday cake, birthday cake, the birthday song and the birthday gift.

This would be my new devotion journal! It’s timely because my previous notebook for devotions were drenched in the rain! Indeed, God provides. God is good. I’m thankful. From today onwards, I will have to note down what I’m grateful or thankful for each day.

On 4.5.1988
I’m thankful for the company,love and gifts.

But my greatest birthday gift of all is the love from God which I felt on my special day.

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