4th Braces:You Go Girl!

As you can see, the gaps in my teeth are pretty all closed up by now. 

It’s already 3 months since I’ve put on my braces. Last month, during my previous dental visit, I chose grey colour bands for my braces because I thought it will look less hideous and obvious as compared to having blue or purple braces. But, in the end, I regretted choosing the grey ones! Grey braces just made me look even more geeky and made my stainless steel braces appear more “metallic” and prominent. It was a big mistake!

Maybe I should just heed Dr.Koh’s advice when she asked me to get the coloured bands as she felt it will look better. This month I choose pink in a darker shade which looked quite cheery and bright from afar. Finally, I’m enjoying this pop of colour after one month of being all dull with grey. A pop of colour on my braces which screams, ” You Go Girl!”

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