A Chorus Line @ Marina Bay Sands Theatre, Singapore

Living the life of an Aristocrat

By the Bay

It’s been quite long time ago ever since I watch a musical! Thanks to my best of all buddies, I’ve got an opportunity to catch a Broadway musical titled ” A Chorus line” at Marina Bay Sands Theatre. This marks my first-time visit to Marina Bay Sands Theatres. I’ve made my way there by MRT and took a short stroll from Marina Bay Station to Marina Bay Sands. During the evening stroll, I manage to capture a beautiful skyline of Singapore’s stunning skyscrapers. It’s somewhat romantic to walk by the bay,towards the Mall. There was a Dragon boat competition held at Marina Bay so there were just rows and rows of dragon boats. It would be quite a sight,too, to paddle in Singapore’s water, across the iconic buildings in Singapore.

A posh city.

It’s amazing how Singapore has transformed from a small,rundown fishing village to a glamorous and posh city with a future that looks rather bright. How lucky we are to be living in such a beautiful city that promise us with a future that entails security and stability?

The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands

When I first saw the word “shoppes”, I really thought that Marina Bay Sands(MBS) was trying to push up the glam factor by using either some other European languages in place of the English word,”shops”. Initially, I thought it was an Italian or French word for “shops”. But no, it’s in English! “Shoppes” is a grander and fancier term for shops and it suggests an air of aristocracy and authencity. Talking about the high society! It’s indeed a classier name for MBS. Even the shops at MBS are classier ,grander and more sophisticated as they are aimed to target tourist with large spending ability.

Soulful Jazz performance by the bay

If you would like to enjoy an evening of sophistication and class, I really suggest you could dress up to your nines in high heels and visit The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Fine dine at Michelin’s 5-star restaurants, shop at boutiques and enjoy a live jazz performance as you sit leather sofas with your glass of champagne in your hand. I bet this is the kind of life that many Singaporeans are yearning for. Admittedly, I do too. Even strutting along Marina Bay Sands in your Steve Madden’s or Jimmy Choo’s shoes could make you feel like a billionaire.

You don’t have to squeeze and throw yourself into the crowd.

You’re not only rich in cash but you’re also rich in time. You’ve got all the time in the world to shop at your own pace, browsing through catalogues of high-end fashion magazines displaying the brand’s latest collection on the runway. A leather totebag that cost USD 500 is nothing to you. Is this your fantasy? Well, it’s time to wake up!

Marina Bay Sands Theaters

It’s the gala premiere of the musical, ” A Chorus line” and on it’s first night of performance, there were several important people and well-known media personalities coming to grace that evening’s event. Nevertheles, at such an important event like this, how could they forget to roll out the red carpet? As long as there’s a red carpet, they will be the cameramen,media crew and flashlights to welcome the stars.

Here’s the stars.

Zoe Tay in a plunging neckline black dress.
Looking as stunning as ever.
Tall and slim. She’s a mother of 4. Gasp.
Jade Seah in simple white dress with skinny heels.
Bobby Tonelli with host of Channel 5.

Who says jeans are casual?
Jeans could be glamourized too but on one condition. You need to appear famous on the screen before you hop into that jeans on the red carpet.

Irene Ang.
She’s wearing all white, in a sleek trousers and tough suit. Who’s the lady boss here?
Patricia Mok.

She’s the only actress that made the host smile widely that night. Being hilarious and entertaining is all it takes to make it on television.

Top-to-bottom mirrors that allows you to self-examine yourself throughout the night. Do I look glamourous enough to enter this place?

Sure enough, I was starstrucked for that night. It was one memorable night on the day I was born. Maybe I wasn’t that unfortunate on my birthdays after all. This is red-carpet event sure allowed my birthday to end with a bang!

All thanks to my bestie again, I had great seats to the show and was seated not too far away from the stage. Prior to the performance, I knew nothing about this musical but I expected there would plenty of singing and dancing. Maybe even a couple of songs that would touch my heart. After watching the whole musical, I could only shake my head from side to side in dismay. This original Broadway production which won several prestigious award came to me as a dissapointment with it’s bare backstage props, long and never-ending stage dialogues and minimal story content. It’s one musical that lacks of entertainment factor and the “Wow” factor. There’s great depth and meaning to the musical itself but it fails to capture the soul and the heart of the audience because after tonight, I doubt I could remember any memorable moments in the musical.

It’s not that there weren’t any great actors to put up a great show. In fact, all of them were good-looking and had great talent in their dancing feet. It’s probably the whole musical production that lacks of the entertainment value to get audience excited. Because half an hour into the whole musical, I notice the people seated around me started to get quite restless and were repositioning themselves in their seats, trying to stay awake. Perhaps, this is one musical that I fail to appreciate as it doesn’t really speaks to me deeply or either, I had set an expectation too high to reach.

Unlike Wicked, Phantom of the Opera or any other extravagant musicals, this musical is indeed very different from the aforementioned show titles. The only props used were tall,broad mirrors. That’s right. In such a stage production, the focus and attention is on the actors themselves. They either make it or break it. I believe it might not have been easy for the stage actors to memorise endless dialogues,dance steps and stage choreography. By the end of the performance, all of them were sweating profusely. Alot of calories expended over there!( Hmm… this could be a great workout!)

Well, who says we can’t have fun even though the musical was not up to our expectations? At least, there’s the red-carpet event. I figured that standing on red-carpet does indeed make anyone look really good.

Why the carpet has to be red?

I guess it’s because red brings out the glow in you under the bright spotlight.


Marina Bay Sands Theater
Show runs from May 4 to May 27, 2012.

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