A Lost Art

Day 123: A Lost Art

The contemplation of God is a form of lost art. An artwork that we often walked past it without stopping in our tracks and take some time to admire the beauty of it.

A week ago, I was at SAM (Singapore Art Museum) and it’s been quite sometime ago ever since I really stood still to admire an art piece. So, initially, I would glance at the painting or artwork for a few seconds, capture a few shots and walk away hastily. This continues until I was being told about the story and meaning behind every artwork. I just realised that there is so much depth to it if you really stop,stare and study it! Every brush stroke and words used has a story behind it. These art pieces are timeless and though-provoking, just like the bible scriptures and the study of God itself. We must continually remind ourselves to pause,take a breather and admire the work of God.

The study of God has to be done continually,everyday infact, abit at a time. The pastor who spent time in fellowship with my grandma shared with us that she has to read the same bible verses repeatedly to my grandma in Teochew. At the age of 91, when she was first baptised, she had poor memory and could not remember alot of things. But out of everything, she remembers God’s love. Every Sunday, the pastor will tell her the story of Jesus’s cruxification over and over again using a brochure. During grandma’s free time, she would read the mandarin bible and copied out the words in an exercise book(photo) with her frail and weak hands. Though she wasn’t educated when she was young, she continued to practise reading and writing the bible in seek of understanding and knowing God. It’s been a great inspiration for me study about God like the way she did.

Grandma’s Legacy

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