A Stroll to KKMC

Just in case you might be wondering what’s KKMC stands for, it’s actually the abbreviation for Kampong Kapor Methodist Church. This is the sanctuary where I usually go to on every Sundays. It’s located at the heart of Little India.    I really enjoy my Sunday morning walks to church because it’s really a feast for my eyes. Little India, itself, is a unique cultural neighbourhood in Singapore which is full of character and charm. I would consider this to be a little gem of Singapore where you could experience a strong Indian culture here. Through the colonial shophouses, vibrant wall colours,mural paintings and statues of the Hindu God, I’m starting to feel like a tourist as I explore and revisit this other side of Singapore.

I just love the vibrant colours on the walls of this coffee shop house. Even the aircon units which were projecting out of the walls seemed to be in some sort of a pattern, providing an interesting 3D effect to the whole architecture of the building. I call this “pop art”.
At Little India, the whole stretch of roads are dotted with eateries selling Indian food such as Rota Prata, Nasi Bryani, Chapatti, Curry and Naan. My favourite Indian food is cheese Naan with butter chicken curry sauce! It sure does sound fattening but it’s worth eating it! At least once in your life!
As I take a stroll to church, I noticed that every shophouse will have a letterbox that looks like this. This letterbox, in particular, grabbed the attention of my eyes because it just looked so pretty!
Just as I was crossing a junction, I spotted this mural painting from afar and I can’t help but to walk towards it to take a closer look. It’s such so interesting that the artist as left his or her work on the pillar. It’s all these interesting sightings that add to the cultural elements of this quaint little neighbourhood. The image of the peacock ( or Mayur) is a sacred symbol for Hinduism. The Indian peacock is also the national bird of India.

After the 10 minute stroll under the hot sun, it’s time for me to quieten down my hearts before God as I enters the church.

Today’s sermon series is on “PRAYER” by Pastor Kenneth Huang.
Take home message: ASAP also stands for “always say a prayer”.
Reading the whole of God isn’t enough for Christians nowadays.
We need to capture the words in our minds , reflect and act upon it.
If only my photographic memory is still functioning though …

In all of these, I hope I could capture the beauty of our Lord through this camera lens. It’s not only there for me to admire but also for anyone who chanced open my blog.

KKMC’s monthly magazine.
Sunday’s morning church service is usually followed by our bible study session where we once again douse ourselves with the word of God through discussions and sharing over food and drinks blessed by the Lord.

Today we had lotus and Char Siew buns for our late breakfast.

After lunch, I will usually head home to allow the God’s word to seep through me as I rest on Sabbath Day. ( Although sometimes, I’m tempted to do work..like blogging!) I returned home today with a smile on my face when I saw a huge box of Ferro Rocher chocolates and dark chocolate bars on the kitchen table. It’s teatime.

That’s how I usually spend my time on Sabbath.

What’s your typical Sunday routine like? I would love to hear from you!

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