Another Birthday Surprise: Coffee Club @ Raffles Place

Coffee Club @ Raffles Place
The Glass House
It’s a day after my birthday and I spent my saturdays catching up with friends over a late brunch at Coffee Club, a gourmet coffee house. It’s a public holiday (Vesak Day) but there were not many people around to nudge seats away from us.
A cup above the rest.
Cesar Salad with Salmon served in a cheese brittle brisket.
House Lucious Club
Layers of Tikka chicken, egg, bacon, cheese and romaine lettuce packed between slices of foccacia bread.
Sides: French fries and garden salad with some walnuts as toppings.

Crunchy fries served in a glass cup.

The truth is I didn’t taste any of the sandwich as I was pretty full. But according to my pals, this sandwich deserves a thumbs-up!
This is one sandwich that it’s almost impossible to whip out of your kitchen because there’s some secret ingredients hidden in it to that makes you crave for more of it.
Beef Lasagne.
Talking about cheesy cheese!
Then, comes the giant macaron.
I excused myself and made a trip to the washroom while my friends secretly ordered a giant macaron for me as a birthday cake. 
When the waiter walked towards the table with a candle stuck into the pastrie, I was pleasantly surprised. I wish I could be surprise like this everyday! As much as I love to give surprises to people, I yearn to receive surprises too. It just made life even more exciting. I’m feeling blissful as I am typing all my emotions down. Thankful and ever so grateful to God for blessing me with friends that do care and accept for who I really am.
My friends asked,” What flavour do you think it is?”
I said, ” Pandan?”
Green tea mocha?
OK. What is it, really?

It’s LIME!

You would have to taste the filling before you can taste the citrus-ness of the lime. It’s light, refreshing and not-too-overly sweet which most macarons are. This giant macaron is one huge macaron which reminded me of the love from God’s people. The surprise doesn’t stops here! Lift up the biscuit, you will see pieces of cut strawberries sunk into the citrus cream filling. Oh, so heavenly! It’s definitely a well-balance desert that has fruit to neutralise the sweetness of the  creamy filling and sweet biscuits.

It’s 4 of May again.
The day I made a wish in request of God’s grace to grant my only wish.
It’s a mere candle that was lighted with a matchstick.
But it signifies something special.
It’s an opportunity to light up your heart and murmur what’s close to your heart.
A birthday wish made after you’ve blown the candles.

I know I’ve got to be patient with God.
I don’t know what things will turn out to be.
In whatever circumstances or situation I’m placed in, I knew God knows what’s best for me
 and will eventually blessed me.  It’s only a lighted candle. But I must have faith that the light in my heart will continue to flicker and glow brightly. With God’s grace, I know the flame in me will not extinguish.

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