Breakfast Cereal Bowl

Stocking up on food enriched with wheat,fibre and oats for breakfast.
Breakfast is my most anticipated meal of the day because I know I had something healthy on the kitchen table where I could whipped up something tasty and good for the body. 
Have you tasted Weet-bix or whole-weet biscuits? They have become my favourite ever since I’ve tasted it a few days ago with soymilk. The biscuits soften almost instantly once it is soaked in milk. It’s perfect for people wearing braces like myself who could probably only indulge in soft food. Besides the  wholemeal biscuits, I would usually add one piece of digestive biscuit into my cup of soymilk to add some taste and sweetness to my “wheat porridge” ( Yes, that’s how it looks like once the biscuit is soaked in milk!) Tomorrow I might try adding some banana toppings to up the fibre content in my meal. 
A great breakfast to kick start the day!

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