Brunch Favourites: Norwegian Egg Benedict

After trying out Pique-Nique’s Norwegian Egg Benedict, I really wanted to learn how to make Egg Benedict by myself done in the comfort of my own home so that when I feel like having Egg Benedict, I could whip up one instantly. Or at the very least, I would know what to prepare for my family or friends on a late weekend morning.

I had to say that this is one fabulous dish which is simple and requires little preparation time and yet can be so tasty and nutritious. The only tricky part is how to poach the egg without getting its yolk overcooked and breaking the egg yolk. I’ve found a great video on YouTube which teached you how to prepare the perfect poached egg.

What exactly is Eggs Benedict? 

Eggs Benedict is a dish that comes with bacon and poached eggs served together on English muffins with Hollandaise sauce drizzled all over the top.

Who’s Benedict anyway?

There are two possible stories about the origins of Eggs Benedict. It’s either from Mrs. Le Grand Benedict or Mr.Lemuel Benedict who came out with the idea of combining muffins,bacon and poached eggs together. Whoever who came up with this idea is a total genius! 
( My own version of Norwegian Eggs Benedict)
( 2 Servings)

2 Hamburger Buns ( Gardenia)
2 Eggs
Smoked Salmon
Light Sour cream
Black pepper
Vinegar (white)

In this recipe, I choose to use smoked salmon instead of bacon as salmon is healthier and contains less fat. Besides, eating salmon is good for the heart as it contains omega-3 fatty acids. I also substitute the Hollandaise sauce with light sour cream. Hollandaise sauce consists mainly of egg yolks and melted butter and thus, contains a high level of cholesterol and fat. A healthier alternative is to use light sour cream which is lower in fat and it taste equally good especially with the smoked salmon. In the end, this recipe comes off as a healthy version of Eggs Benedict. If you’re on a diet and want to eat healthily, try this recipe instead. You says you can enjoy the best things in life while dieting?

How I poach the eggs?

Runny Egg Yolks

There are several ways to prepare a poached ideas.  The idea of poaching the egg is to cook the egg white and to leave the egg yolk uncooked so that when you probe the egg yolk with a fork, the yolk will break crack nicely, releasing a stream of runny yolk. One of the most popular ways of poaching eggs is to use vinegar which aids in the coagulation of the egg white, in other words, speeding the cooking process of the egg whites. At home, I did not have white vinegar so I substitute it with Apple cider which works just as well since it’s acidic too. First, I put the water to boil and then let it simmer. Next I add some apple cider and create a mini “whirl pool” through vigorously stirring using a ladle. The swirling motion of the water-vinegar mixture will speed up the cooking process of the egg whites too. After swirling the mixture, I gently slipped in the raw eggs into the pot of boiling water. The eggs should be left to cook for about 2 to 3 minutes. During the cooking process, if the egg whites start to disperse into all directions, try to push the egg whites closer to the yolk with the ladle. Once the egg whites coagulates, scoop up the poached eggs and immerse it gently into a bowl of ice-water to stop the  cooking process. For me, I find it a hassle to transfer the poach eggs into the ice-water so I immediately lay the eggs over the salmon.

Second attempt to make the perfect poached eggs.

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