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Exploring Asia @ Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

Asian Civilisation Museum @ Raffles Place

Have you been wanting to tour around and explore Asia but just couldn’t find the time to take leave from work to travel? Little do you know that you can find out everything you need to know about the rich history and fascinating cultures of Asia right in this huge museum at the heart of Singapore.

The museum is located right at the heart of Singapore’s busiest commercial district.
Last week, we went to SAM. This week’s ACM! Singaporeans do love abbreviations, don’t you think so?
This is the flight of stairs that will take you to the other realm : exploring exotic Asia.

The story of Asia starts from Singapore, one of the busiest ports in Asia.

Artefacts, artefacts, artefacts. A fragment of the past.

What a traditional-looking and vintage biscuit tin from England! There’s hints of British influences found in our lion city.

A few decades ago, this was how Raffles Place looks like. How strange! Because I seem to like the “old Raffles Place” as compared to today’s. *Gasp*
Saw those horse carriages and vintage cars? So English! I wonder how Singapore would be like if we are still under the colonization of the British.

Can’t help but to notice how much our country has develop, flourish and prosper over the years after looking back at those black-and-white photos of the past! Would I be happier living in the past than today? As young generations of modern Singapore, we ought not to take things for granted but instead, we should learn about our roots and history to understand and make sense of the present and dream about our future.
That was a real street signage which was all rusty and old!
Photo gallery : Old Supreme Court
This is one of the featured exhibitions at ACM. 
Look! There are even hardened corals attached to the ceramic vase. This is really fascinating! These treasures from the Tang Shipwrecks was dug from a thousand feet below sea level, found embedded right under the seabed!
Patterns of trade is one of the latest exhibitions which showcase Indian textiles and fabrics that were traded between India and Europe.
Here’s an interactive station where you could design your own fabric using woodblocks to print patterns on paperwork!
Getting tired after walking and standing for hours in the museum? Take a breather by taking a break at these interactive stations.Got inspired after viewing all the different fabrics in the gallery? Get hold of a paper and some colour pencils to design your very own fabric! This activity also helps to refresh your mind before you move on to the next gallery!


Get lost in this spiral of patterns! If you’re an art student, you might want to check out this exhibition.
Great for school tours or kids to explore the exhibitions on their two little feet.
1 Empress Place Singapore 179555
 T: +65 6332 2982, +65 6332 7798

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