Freeman’s Pink Grapefruit Facial Exfoliating Scrub

Pink grapefruit facial scrub that smells absolutely fruity and uplifting!

This is one product I have to rave product here. Not that it’s effectively in scrubbing out dead skin cells but the experience of using the product is fantastic! First of all, the citrus scent of the grapefruit is sweet, uplifting and energizing. So as I slab some of it and massage the scrub onto my skin, I’m already enjoying the grapefruit scent that comes in citrusy at first, then sweet and fruity.

What’s more? I was surprise to know that the scrub beads were pretty fine (microbeads). The scrub is gentle on the skin and it’s suitable for people with sensitive skin. This facial exfoliating scrub works best for me as I can use it daily as my nightly facial wash.

 I was using St Ives facial scrub previously which had a larger scrub beads. As it could get pretty harsh on the skin, I would use it on a weekly basis. But with this grapefruit scrub, I would incorporate it into my daily skin regime that helps me to gently exfoliate my skin. It’s alot of hardwork here to achieve glowing smooth skin which all women desire for!

Non-abrasive Scrub

Sadly, Watson’s Singapore doesn’t offer this brand of products. I got mine at Robinson’s Raffles City for $8.20.This really had to be my favourite scrub by far and it’s pretty affordable too! If you love scented products like I do, be sure to get this grapefruit facial scrub!

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