Good and Affordable Ramen @ Men-ichi, Jurong Point

Paitan Tonkotsu Ramen
Noodles with Char Siew, Seasoned egg, spring onion, bamboo shoots and black fungus.
How about having a piping hot bowl of Ramen as a comfort food on a rainy day?

Singapore is crowded with so many Japanese restaurants serving ramen these days. Each restaurant is vying to serve the best sushi or the best ramen in town. The competition between the rivals is heating up and it’s healthy because that would mean that customers will get to enjoy good and tasty ramen at affordable prices. Here’s one ramen shop you that serve not the best ramen in Singapore but good, delicious and tasted pretty authentic.

Men-ichi @ Jurong Point
Next to Ichi-Ban ( You’re right, both are sister outlets!)

I like the variety of sauce and spices available at your table for you to add to your dish at your own convenience.
I’ve a weakness for spicy food. So I like to try in lots of chili into my bowl.

Paitan is a kind of milky broth favoured in Japan’s Kyushu region (origin of tonkotsu ramen). According to the information printed on their menu, it says that the soup’s ” creamy white colour comes from long hours of boiling pork bones, which release collagen into the soup.” Wow, collagen! This bowl of ramen is beneficial for your skin and joints!
Preserved salted vegetables with chili.
It’s a tasty side dish!
Men-Ichi Japanese Ramen
Jurong Point #B1-54
1 Jurong West Central 2
Tel: 6794 5125
Daily: 11.30am -10.00pm
(Last Order: 9.30pm)

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