Good Day! It’s the Singapore Blog Awards AGAIN!!!

It’s funny. I didn’t get the first-hand news from but from a reader who commented on my blog (If you’re reading this, I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for breaking the good news to me!)

To go straight to the point, here’s the great news!

” Dear Deenise,

Congratulations! You have struck out other participants with your V-Log skills and emerge as one of the top ten finalists in the Best V-Log category of Singapore Blog Awards 2012! “

It’s the second year running that I’ve taken part in this blog awards organised by and was really fortunate to be shortlisted as one of the finalist. It was a pleasant surprise! Thanks be to God! 

I’m also really thankful to receive great support and recognition from for two consecutive years. The many exclusive blogging opportunities provided by helped me to gain better exposure of the social media industry. Thank you, OMY!
It felt great to know that my hardwork, efforts and passion in blogging are recognised by others. I know that there are several strong contenders out there who are more popular, talented, humourous and entertaining than I am. My chances of winning is very slim as compared to the other V-loggers. Nevertheless, I will still do my best and I hope whoever is reading this can support me by placing a vote for me! 
Scroll all the way down and there, you’ll find the voting button for me. However, you have to register or log in to the website first before voting. 

You may vote for your favourite bloggers and win attractive prizes like Casio Sheen Watch, Domino food vouchers … 

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