Le Gourmet @ West Coast Road

Daddy spotted this small Italian restaurant along West Coast Drive, under a HDB block, while buying dinner back home for us and he noticed that the number of people who have been visiting this restaurant is increasing. He’s a believer of this notion that wherever the birds flock to, that place must have been a haven. I mean, the numbers meant something right? If you see a long queue right outside a restaurant, would you queue along too? I was so tempted to try out the Italian food there and so here I am.

I expected authentic Italian food made of fresh ingredients that would take my spirit and mind to Italy. Think Venice, Florence, Rome… Ciao Bella. However, instead of tasting true Italian food, I felt that the food tasted like homecook Singapore fushion-western food.

The restaurant layout and settings is strikingly similar to Everything with Fries and Food for Thought. If there is anything Italian about this restaurant, it would be the white-painted benches stationed outside the restaurant.

No GST and service charge. 

Though the food was average, I have to give thumbs-up for their effort in creating a comfortable setting and nice ambience for their customers. Here’s passion fruit with lychee drink.

Shitake Mushroom Soup.

Soft Shell Crab Alio Olio ($13. 00)
This pasta is one of the better dishes served at the table. The soft-shell crab was tasty and was well fried to give a nice crunch to the crab. 

Panseared Capers Norwegian Salmon ($14)
This dish was the one that actually dashed my hopes for this restaurant. First, the salmon wasn’t fresh and well-seasoned. It tasted rather blend, even with the Lemon capers sauce.  

Smoked salmon Egg pizza ($11.00)

After all that dissapointment, my hopes were raised up slightly after tasting this thin-crust pizza that is delicious! You will never go wrong when you pile parmesan cheese on top of smoked salmon. Should you want to visit this restaurant, you could go for this pizza.

Anything with cheese taste yummy.

My family and I were about to head home and cancel our order for dessert when the lights went off. The restaurant was experiencing a black-out just as we were to settle our payment and leave the restaurant! The cash register  was not running and we could not bill out yet as our orders were all recorded in the computer system. So,  my mum thought that we might as well just wait for our chocolate larva cake dessert to arrive.

After a long wait. the chocolate larva cake was served. It was warm and it goes well with the scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Le Gourmet
Blk 504 West Coast Drive
Singapore 120504
Operating hours: 12pm – 10.30 pm

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