Marvel’s Comic Series: The Avengers @ the Re-Opening of GV Jurong Point

GV Jurong Point

1 May 2012
@ Golden Village Jurong Point
(Jurong West)
Fantastic! GV Jurong point is reopening its doors after the renovation of a newly-carpeted cinema that promises an enhanced movie-viewing experience for the folks living in the west. The opening of the new cinema is timely as it is also the day where the blockbuster film, Marvel’s The Avengers opens in local cinemas! What a way to kick things off on Labour’s Day!
Golden Village @ Jurong Point
Level 3


I want to say a big thank you to and Golden Village for the invitation to enjoy the new cinematic experience.


Saw something was amiss? A missing alphabet, maybe?

 What can movie-goers expect in GV@Jurong Point’s new cinema?

1) Broader and more luxurious Camatic cinema seats

Definitely! There is more leg room space for you to stretch out your legs, place your bags and make space for people who move across your seat. The new brown cushioned cinema seats allows you to snuggle comfortably with your honey 🙂

2) All-digital cinema screens and a 7.1 Dolby Sound system with premium-grade EAW speakers from the United States.

Nevermind about the figures. The sound quality is clearer and sharper than before. What’s even more awesome is the digital screen quality that looks almost like 3-D. With such great digital screen that shows full HD-quality films, I don’t think one would need to pay extra to put on those 3-D glasses. While I was watching The Avengers, I felt that Scarlett Johansson was standing so close to me that I could even see the tiny pores on her face.

3) A complete refurbishment of all cinema auditoriums, common areas, toilets, box office and candy bar counter

The cinemas is spick-and-span. It’s nice to be watching a movie in a clean and new environment, isn’t it?

4) A total capacity of 1,062 seats with 14 berths set aside for patrons who used wheelchairs.
For some fellow Singaporeans or foreigners who are wheelchair-bound, can now enjoy a movie in their own comfort at the cinema. I must say that our society is becoming a more graceful one.
On top of all these, there’s a special GV promotion for all moviegoers!

From 2nd to 23rd May 2012, the daily offers include:

Monday: Free coke drink with purchase of one large popcorn
Tuesday: $2 for two cheesy hotdogs (usual price $4)
Wednesday: All-day student pricing and $2 off on Nachos combo
Friday & Saturday: Free late-night parking at Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Sunday: Complimentary restaurant vouchers with every pair of tickets purchased before 2.00pm

During the movie premiere, we were told that there would be a special guest star appearance on that day.Guess who? Saw something amiss in the photo below?

Aunty Lucy doing a video shoot for
You’ve guessed it right! We had Aunty Lucy on board with us! The animated and bespectacled auntie is quite petite in reality!
Aunty Lucy was interviewing a blogger sitting next to “her”.
After about 15 minutes of filming with the’s media crew, we could finally sit down and watch The Avengers comfortably on the newly cushioned-chairs.

The Avengers

The Avengers is an all-time classic American superhero film produced by Marvel Studios, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. The superhero team includes Ironman, Captain American, the Hulk and Thor who were recruited by a peacekeeping organisation called S.H.I.E.L.D to stop Thor’s stepbrother Loki from destroying the Earth.

Starring Scarlett Johansson. She’s acting as secret agent Natasha Romanoff, part of the Ironman comic series.

Scarlett Johansson

One actress who really caught my eye in this movie was Scarlett Johansson. She really stands out her role as a secret agent, tricking people to reveal their inner secrets to her. I must say, she’s really a superb actress. She alludes a certain charm and beauty which will draw people towards her. Stunning but it’s weird how I didn’t take notice of her in the past. Maybe this is one movie production which she really shines through as a Golden-Globe Award nominee actress.

Chris Evans, as Captain America, looking all buffed up in his costume.

Captain America

I’ve watched The Hulk and Thor, but I’ve yet to watch Iron man and Captain America. Out of the four heroes, my favourite is Captain America. Even though he couldn’t fly in the sky like Ironman, Thor or the Hulk, his never-say-die attitude and great leadership skills are admirable.When the four heroes were gathered on Earth to fight with the bad guy, Captain America stood up and gave instructions to the four heroes on what they should do next. Indeed, he is really the Captain of America.

Dr Bruce Banner transformed himself into the Hulk.

The Hulk

The Hulk is one comic character which I would not consider him to be a superhero. In my opinion, the Hulk is just an incredibly large monster that goes around smashing things out of anger and tossing bad guys. He’s a beastly creature which has anger management problems, and as he could not contain his rage, he will thrash his frustrations through his deadly weapon, the fist. Using his fist, he would pound against walls and the ground to show off his prowess. So, the question really is, do we want to acknowledge someone as a hero who does things out of anger? Shouldn’t a hero capture or destroy the enemies to save innocent people from getting hurt by the bad guys? Nevertheless, even though the Hulk doesn’t seem to fit the role of hero but he sure does his best but helping the other three heroes in the movie to get rid of Loki’s troops. Well, but let’s just pray that those kids who watch or read Marvel’s comic series can discern this, I hope.

“We do need heroes on earth.”

My Verdict

What’s my verdict on this blockbuster movie? These days it’s just difficult to mark or give “popcorns” or stars to grade a film. I believe it just boils down to whether it’s really worth watching or not. If you have been nodding in agreement with me so far, then you might have similar perceptions as I do.

Maybe the content or storyline of this movie isn’t really captivating or impactful, but the visual and audio experience while watching it in the cinema was stunning. It can be really inspiring for kids or even young adults to rethink about whether there’s a need for superheroes in the world or to find out what are the values or skills found in these superheroes which we can learn from.

The only qualms I had for this movie is the duration or length of the film. This movie lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes which might be too lengthy and “draggy”. Movie producer, Kevin Feige might be a little too ambitious in getting the audience to absorb every bit of the storyline in the Marvel comic book. The 15 minutes introduction at the start of the movie is enough to make people doze off.


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