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Mr.Simple Benson

This had to be one of those food tasting sessions which I really look forward to because I’ve been seeking high and low for a suitable local eating house where I could bring my family to have a good,tasty and affordable and traditional Chinese meal. I may have just found an answer to it.

Prior to this, I hadn’t heard much about this eating house except for the fact that this eatery is opened by Chef Benson Tong whom some of FM100.3 radio listeners might know him as Mr.Simple Benson. That’s right, he is doing a radio programme show with a DJ on FM100.3 where he would share tips on cooking and recipes on some of his specialty dishes. He is one chef that truly loves what he is doing and is willing to share with his love for food with the world. Coincidentally, he blogs too! You will be able to find some of his recipes in his blog.

Located near Outram MRT

This is newly-opened eating house,located opposite Chinatown plaza, is conveniently located in Singapore’s Chinatown district which takes about 10 to 15 minutes walk away from Outram MRT Station. It first opens its doors in March 2012 and I would reckon it’s been Mr.Benson’s baby ever since because to open a restaurant or eatery is every Chef’s ultimate dream.

Good news! 0 % Service Charge, 0 % GST.
Good deal, isn’t it?

It’s always good news to know that you don’t really have to burn a huge hole in your wallet while eating out in Singapore nowadays. I’m pretty sure my aunties’ and uncles’ eyes will be bulging out when they see this! (Along with the affordable and attractive prices printed on their menu!) Talking about pocket-friendly prices and good bargains!

Tang Authentic HK Roast Duck
(Served with plum sauce)

There’s quite some hype on Hong Kong’s cuisine in Singapore because Singaporeans just love their dim sums, roast duck and Portuguese egg tarts! Everyone who had just came back from Hong Kong who squeal in great delight as they talked about the food in Hong Kong. So, if you are a foodie, like myself, be sure to try out some authentic Hong Kong dishes in this eatery. Let’s kick things off with some spicy roast duck!

Look at that! Roasted duck with its glistening skin !

The art of roasting a duck is something which I really hope to learn one day once I master the basic culinary skills. As for now, I could only learn how to sharpen my taste buds and discover what makes a roasted duck taste sensationally awesome. This roasted duck meat tasted quite soft and moist. Don’t forget to dip that roasted duck slice into the plum sauce! It does make a huge difference! What a wonderful combination and I wonder who actually thought of idea of dipping the roast duck into plum sauce…

Tang Special Spicy Coconut Prawns
(Coconut Milk Prawns)

This has got to be one of my favourites in the menu. When it comes to seafood, the first thing I would look out for is its freshness of the meat and the prawns which were evenly-coated with coconut milk tasted juicy,fresh and succulent. I was quite amused as I’ve not tasted prawns cooked with coconut milk but I was pleasantly surprise that the prawns tasted great with coconut milk.I also love it when the prawns comes in the right bite-sized and are all peeled beforehand so that you don’t have to dirty your fingers and end up having to lick them clean. Seriously!

I need to get a second slice of roasted duck dipped in plum sauce!
Pig’s Trotter Vinegar

In addition to the roasted duck and coconut milk prawns, this Pig’s trotter dish is also another signature dish of Chef Benson. Be sure to try these popular dishes if you frequent this eating house!

Water Chestnut and Pink Guava

In Hong Kong, they also served teas and cold beverages in glass mugs like this. 
“I’m Back Home.”

We, Chinese, love our rice. It just felt to homely to be grabbing a bowl of rice in one hand and chopsticks in another while seated on a round table with family and friends.

Tang Sweet N Spicy Fish Head
(Steam Fish head with Chili and Garlic sauce)

If my Dad was here, he would sweep up this whole fishhead in 10 minutes. He loves eating fish and our whole family never fails to eat fish during our meals. Since young, I’ve been sort of “trained” to eat fish especially after a couple of episodes where I had fishbones stucked in my throat. Yes, from all of this, I’ve learnt how to differentiate a “good” fish from a “bad” one. This fish isn’t as fresh as the prawns but it carries a nice,subtle sweetness to it after spicing it up with chili and garlic. This might be a favourite for those who loves spicy food and enjoys a strong, heavy taste of the garlic and chili.

Look how big this fish head is! It’s worth $16.90 only!
Spicy Deep Fry White Bait

This is another favourite dish of mine and it tasted just like spicy fries! The white bait are nicely fried til golden brown and each white bait has a nice and even crispy crunch to it.

Crispy Chicken Cutlet

I’ve never tasted chicken cutlet quite like this before because the chicken meat is so tender that my teeth just sliced effortlessly right through the meat. Oh, give me another bowl of rice to go along with this!

It did tasted like the chicken cutlet you will have in Taiwan or Hong Kong.
Here’s Dennis introducing Mr. Benson to us.
Meet the man behind the food.
Double Boil white fungi with papaya
Did I mention that it’s good for the skin? 
A Chinese dessert which helps to expel heat from the body. It is “cooling” for the body too.

“Made with Love”

Mr. Benson’s special treat : Red velvet cupcakes !

Having reviewing and writing about food from various restaurants and eateries, I actually realise that tasty and delicious food does not necessary ensures the success of an eatery. It is the sincerity, passion and love for food in its owners and chefs that makes people keep coming back to frequent their eatery. Mr. Benson is one such example. Through his sharing, I can’t deny about his passion for cooking and food. Just like many other passionate and inspiring chefs, he is just doing what he loves – dishing out tasty food that people truly enjoy.

TANG Hong Kong Gourmet
116 Neil Road
Singapore 088853
Tel: (+65) 6438 4762
Chef Benson’s Blog

This is where all the magic happens.

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