Olive Vine @ Marina Square : ” I am the vine and you are the branches.”

Olive Vine – Pasta Fusion

Olive Vine

Calling all God’s people who enjoy great food and company! Here’s a great hang-out place for cell group meetings or lunch fellowship after church service or bible study sessions. It’s not only about the food but also the Christian music playing behind the background and the numerous good Christian books available on the rack for us to have a good read while chillin’ at this cafe.

Olive Vine

In addition to that, there’s great service and delicious, healthy food that is affordable. It’s welcoming and warm to just have great tasting pasta with friends here.

Olive Vine

Where health is concern, this cafe supports healthy living and assures its customers that no MSG is added.

John 15:5-7: I am the Vine, You are the branches

Olive Vine

New International Version (NIV) “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from Me you can do nothing. If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned. If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.  

Self-service kiosk at Olive Vine


Order at the counter and wait for your food to be served.
Help yourself with the free-flow of water.

Have a good read


I love that there are bible quotes appearing everywhere in the cafe: at the service counter, cashier, table, wall…etc. We are reminded constantly about God’s great work.

Saying a little prayer before our meals. “Heavenly Father, Great and good, We thank thee for this daily food. Bless us even as we pray; Guide  and keep us through this day.”


Nonya Curry Chicken with Rice/Bread

Homecooked Nonya curry chicken tasted very much like the curry cooked by my grandmother. It’s traditional, thick and full with its coconut milk, staying true to the taste of what our local curry should taste like.

Bread bowl chicken porridge

I just tightened my braces the other day and could only consume soft food like soup or porridge. At first sight, I thought it was going to taste quite blend like plain congee but I was wrong. The chicken porridge is full of flavour and it comparable to the ones sold in local hawker centres. Not that it’s really fantastic til I would fall off my chair but it tasted really homely, light and flavourful at the same time.

Homecooked Teochew-style porridge


Home-baked bread bowl

“Must-try” cheese fries


This is similar to KFC’s cheese fries if you still remember how it tastes like. They are pretty generously with the cheese toppings and mayonnaise. 

Fish with Olive-cooked Rice

On our second visit to this cafe, my friend ordered baked fish with olive-cooked rice. I forget to note down the name of this dish but it’s one fantastic menu choice.

Large, generous portions. 3 big pieces of fish!


Olive-cooked rice has awesome! It’s moist, soft and flavourful due to the olives. Who knew that you can cook olives with rice?

Bread Bowl Mushroom


On my second visit to the cafe, I tried the Bread bowl mushroom soup just because I’m in love with bread.


Served with huge, fat chunks of bread croutons. The mushroom soup is obviously cooked from scratch because it tasted very creamy, thick and not too salty.  It just goes to show how much effort and thought is invested in cooking a good meal. Some restaurants or cafes took the easy way out and served canned mushroom soups which were a total turn-off.

Carrot Cake with cheese frosting


The layer of frosting on the carrot cake is probably made from melted square cheese slices. Unlike traditional carrot cakes which usually uses yoghurt or cream as frosting, the layer of frosting for these carrot cake has more cheese than cream in it. I’ve totally no qualms with this because the sponge cake layers which is packed with shredded carrots were delicious. It takes some time for me to get acquainted with the cheese layer.

For me, I would prefer sour cream or fresh cream cheese rather than the processed square cheese slices has a gelatinous texture when cooled to room temperature. No doubt this carrot cake was also made from scratch. However, I felt that the carrot cake was a little too oily. May the chef accidentally dunk a large cube of butter into the batter?

See those thinly-shredded carrots? They are full of fibre which is good for the body.

” Full of joy and thankfulness, we say ‘Thank you Lord’ from the bottom of our hearts. We look at the food that has been prepared by loving hands, we look into the faces of those that love us and whom we love. ”  

Christian Blessings and Thanks Before Meals  

Olive Vine

6 Raffles Boulevard

Marina Square #B1-17

Tel: 6336-4034

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