Pique Nique @ JCube : Another Birthday Celebration

Let’s have a picnic in Pique Nique.

It’s a Monday and the great news is that it’s a public holiday today! So my friend and I intend to have a picnic at Singapore Botanical Gardens but it was drizzling in the early morning. Our second option was to have brunch at a cafe and I thought maybe we could try the new Pique Nique restaurant at JCube. I get to know of this petite restaurant through a friend. I didn’t know that there’s actually another branch at Takashimaya and this place is pretty much raved about in food blogs.

We can’t have a picnic in the garden but at least we could have a lazy brunch at Pique Nique! (By the way,  “Pique-Nique” is a french word for picnic.)

This place spells out “ambience” with its pretty furnishings and posh armchairs in a garden-themed restaurant.

This tree has just been planted here. Not that it supplies oxygen though I really hope it does so I could enjoy fresh air while enjoying my brunch there.  This reminds me of the Lorax movie where trees were planted in the greenhouse or in the enclosed Earth.

English-theme interior.
You may have notice that the recent few restaurants or cafes which sprung up in Singapore had  interior designs and themes that imitate the European culture. Maybe it appeals more to the Singaporean crowd like myself?

I love the cushion covers that has a vintage, retro-feel to it.

A great place for weekend brunch. I would definitely love to come here again with my family or friends.
How about stepping on some carpeted grass? Enjoy some artificial greenery here.
Cajun Chicken Salad
Roasted Cajun spiced chicken with mixed greens, boiled eggs,tomatoes, cheddar cheese and zesty citrus dressing.

One of the food items I will avoid ordering is the greens. I always find that it’s not really worth to order salads in restaurants because first of all a few pieces of leaves is probably not going to leave you feeling very satisfied. Secondly, I don’t think you are spending your money well when you could actually be paying $12 for a main course that has a rich source of protein and comes in a larger serving portion for you to share with a friend if you can gorge everything down.

But this plate of salad here is well-done with it’s zesty citrus salad dressing. This garden of salad here is healthy and delicious with its slices of boiled eggs but I wouldn’t probably order it if not for my friend who craved for a plate of salad at that moment in time. It’s certainly a healthier choice has this salad does not have any cream-based dressings which is considered quite fattening. The clear salad dressings like zesty citrus or olive oil is a healthier alternative. Remember that!

All Day Breakfast Selection
Norwegian Benedict 
2 poached eggs with toasted English muffin, smoked salmon, sour cream served with side salad.
A Must-try dish.
The Eggs looked so fluffy and soft like clouds.
Alright, when it comes to this dish, it’s a must-try whenever you pop by at Pique Nique. This had to be one of their signature dish under the all-day breakfast selection. Singaporeans are pretty crazy about having waffles and egg Benedict for breakfast or brunch after Wild Honey’s introduction of their international breakfast menu set. Sometimes I really wonder when did the “weekend lazy brunch” idea come about in Singapore. Could Wild Honey be one of those pioneers that started the breakfast/brunch craze here?
Poached eggs that has its yolks oozing out.

The poached eggs looked fresh and appetizing. I really love the whole combination of spreading some sour cream on the toasted English muffins and adding slices of smoked salmon on it. The smoked salmon is overall not too salty and it goes really well with the fresh sour cream. Top it up with poached eggs and sprinkle some herbs over and Voila, the perfect egg Benedict. Pierce your fork through the egg whites and what you get is thick, bright yellow egg yolk that oozed out, dripping over the sides of the muffin. What a sight! Enjoying a meal is not always about satisfying your taste buds. It also involves the sight and presentation of the food too!  It’s quite heavenly I must say,especially when you just wake up early in the morning with a hungry stomach.

However, I would recommend that you share this dish with someone. It can get a little too “eggy” if you try to consume two poached eggs at a time. Because after finish one egg Benedict, I’m feeling a little “eggy”. It felt like there were eggs swimming in my stomach. You get what I mean.

My bestie presented my birthday gift after our meal.
God is good. A journal for me to keep track of the daily events that I’m thankful for. It’s really timely because I needed a devotional journal. My previous devotional journal was partially soaked in the rain a few weeks ago. 

In addition to the gift, she gave me another surprise. A birthday cake slice! It’s really the thought that counts. Because the cake appeared as a surprise to me more than the gift! Or maybe I am just in love with cakes these days? I’m feeling ever so blessed and grateful for the wonderful birthday celebrations initiated by my close friends.
It’s not red velvet cake. It’s chocolaty and decadent slice of cake.

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