The Connoisseur Concerto TCC ‘s High Tea Set for the Dainty

TCC @ CityLink Mall
Several cafes and restaurants are coming up with high tea or afternoon tea sets at affordable prices to attract the mid-day crowds between lunch and dinner time. This is a great time where rich tai-tais ( housewives) would go for shopping and high tea at high-end boutique cafes. But nowadays, the rich tai-tais no longer form the main crowd. In fact, business associates, nowadays, are discussing business plans and having small corporate meetings over tea and cakes. These days, girls, especially, like myself,  just want to pamper ourselves by indulging in afternoon teas where the cakes looked really pretty and photogenic. We just want to be that princess for a day. 
No, I mean everyday.
The cakes at TCC were surprisingly flavourful and it definitely did not dissapoint me a single abit. I would definitely love to dine here again!
High Tea Set ($13.90 ++ )
Available daily from 2pm to 6pm.

Serving gourmet coffees that are brewed to perfection.

Scones with jam and fresh cream.
Hazelnut macaron
Peach cream cake with raspberry
Savoury spicy wanton 

The high tea set comes with a large cup of perfectly brewed coffee. I think mine was cappuccino, served with a little cookie.

I am pretty sure that this is Thai Shrimp Wanton which was truly delicious! This is something so delicately prepared and cooked. No wonder it tasted so yummy! See that green stuff on top of it? I bet it’s fish roe dyed in green!

That’s right! The macaron is smiling right at you!

Scones..scones..scones. I love scones. I can’t never ever without scones. Ever. Bring me some jam and fresh cream, please. And a cup of Earl Grey!

This tiny pastry is my favourite out of everything served on the plate. It looked pretty normal and you might think it tasted so-so only, right? You’re wrong. When I took my first bite of the cream filing, I was plesantly surprise when the taste of peaches “erupts” on my taste buds .The peach scent lingers on my tongue for about 5 seconds or so. It’s amazing. Then, I tried the biscuit base. “Mmmm…. so buttery.” It’s like shortbread with that strong butter aroma. Then, you have that raspberry and white chocolate on top… perfect for the Dainty.

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