Vintage Tea Party @ House : Little Cupcakes for the Princess

Vintage Tea Party for the Princesses.

This is the long-awaited afternoon tea buffet that I’ve alway been wanting to try out after reading so many blog reviews and recommendations about this exquisite place at Demsey Hill. To me, this place is sort of like a hidden gem which not many would know about unless you’re a foodie like me. If you enjoy having English tea,scone and cupcakes, this is the ultimate place for you to visit and be treated like Little Prince and Princesses for a day!

It’s been a long time ever since I felt that sense of accomplishment after completing a challenging task of taking public transport to this Demsey Hill and walking through the long stretch of road in such for the hidden gem.But it isn’t that hard to find the whereabouts of this little restaurant/cafe when it’s only about 6 bus-stops away from Commonwealth MRT station if you take Bus 105 that travel towards Orchard area. By the time, this blog post is published and shared, I doubt this place would still be considered a hidden gem.

House @Demsey Hill

One thing to note is that this afternoon tea buffet is only available every Thursdays and Fridays from 3pm to 5.30pm. As such, it might not be that easy to invite your working friends or colleagues along to enjoy an afternoon tea when all of them are still stuck at the office table. But if you can afford to take time off from work, please do because it’s really worth going for the Vintage Tea Party!

Vintage Tea Party
Thursdays and Fridays ONLY
3pm – 5.30 pm
$25 ++ (Adults)
$15 ++ ( Kids)
* No service charge *

Where should I seat?

This place is so pretty and picturesque that I couldn’t stop clicking the shutter button of my camera. The lovely food, decorations and ambience made me wanting to capture this beauty from every angle. The top-to-bottom white glass windows allow the warm sunlight to filter in, illuminating the whole restaurant with its natural lighting. When you look out of the windows, you’ll get to enjoy the lush green scenery outside which made you feel as if you’re outdoors. Being a nature-lover, I’m very much in this idea of looking at a natural and beautiful landscape and spending time in a calm and serene surrounding.

Since every spot is lovely, the view is great no matter where you are seated. But of course, some may prefer to sit outdoors, near the buffet table spread , the corners or tables with cushioned seats. The seating area is pretty big and you will spoilt for choice as to where you would like to have your afternoon tea at.

This is a better spot for those who would like to be near the buffet spread.
Did you know that choosing of where you want to be seated can reveal your personality type?

Love the feeling of being liberated?
Choose the outdoors seats which is not exactly outdoors because the whole area is enclosed in a glasshouse. Not to worry if you are afraid of the sweltering heat because it felt pretty cooling in the mini glasshouse with its potted green plants and cool humifiers.

Walking on grass under  sunshine.

This is one of the best seating place with its cushioned chairs and sofa.

Need some couple-time ? Grab a table away from the main table spread.

We’re seated right here!

I love how they arrange the different types of bread in a large vintage suitcase. There are about 6 to 7 different varieties of bread to choose from. Walnut, dark rye, multi-grain…

Assorted cookies to go with some tea. 

Assorted Artisan Bread.
Ciabatta,Rasin,baguette, walnut, squid ink.
The squid ink bread ( black ) is a must-try!
Toppings and spreads for the bread.
Home made condiments: Bolognese, wild truffled mushrooms, Thai chicken, Pineapple tuna, cheese and olives.
My favourite bread spread has to be cheese and olives!

Cheese Platter: Cheddar cheese, blue cheese, brie cheese, walnuts and blueberries, raspberries .
The blue cheese was fantastic!

For the sweet-tooth.
For the “savoury-tooth”.
Mini assorted pizzas
– Wild truffled mushrooms with cheddar cheese

Vietnamese spring roll
This is not the authentic version of vietnamese spring rolls. It tasted more like a sandwich wrap.

This is absolutely delicious! 

Fried spring rolls

Add caption

I had no idea what this is called but I love it anyways!

Chocolate orange scookie
( Scones+cookie???)

There are only 2 selection of tea. No coffee, no juice.
Either ginger tea or the in-house selection of tea.

8D Demsey Hill Road
Singapore 249672

Online reservation is highly recommended.

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