Waking up to A Good Breakfast : How about some Amuse-Bouche?

TWG tea: English Breakfast. Add some lemon juice for that citrus boost in your cuppa. Great to kick-start the day with some lemons that freshens and awakens your senses!

Wakey,wakey! Nothing beats having a good breakfast on a lazy Sunday morning especially after a great workout in the park. Before I decide what to have for breakfast, I will first open up my kitchen refrigerator and survey which are the food items that need to be cleared soon before it expires. Then, I spotted the jar of Olive Verte from French Terroirs that needs to be consumed within 10 days after opening it. I couldn’t figure out how to prepare breakfast using green olive pulp with cognac at first especially when I’ve got no baguettes around. But I figured that since my breadbin is empty, perhaps I could use biscuit crackers as a substitute. However, by simply spreading the olive pulp on the crackers may seem plain old boring. I racked my brains a little harder and this is what I came up with…

English Breakfast Tea with Lemon paired with Olive Pulp on biscuit crackers, a one-bite appetizer. In French, they called it the “amuse-bouche” – food that “amuse” your mouth.
Cheesy Lemon Olive Crackers

Recipe (Serving for 1 person)
3 Slices of lemon (thinly sliced)
A bottle of Olive Verte / Tapenade
1 Cheese slices
Biscuit Crackers


Spread some butter evenly on a cracker. Then scoop up a teaspoon of Olive verte and spread it on the buttered crackers.  Sprinkle strips of cheese over it and top it up with thinly-sliced lemons. Drizzle some lemon juice over and toast the crackers in the oven for 3 mins. It’s ready to be served.  
This is great dish great for parties, tea, breakfast or before-meal appetizers.
Cheesy Lemon Olive Crackers
Remember to toast it til slightly brown!
Olive Verte can be purchased at French Terroirs.
No colouring and preservatives added.

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