1-for-1 Main Course/Pasta @ TCC: It’s a deal for TWO!

Crumbed mushroom patty with wild mushroom glaze
– Served with baked potatoes, mesclun salad, tomato and mozzarella cheese.

This is one of their new main course added to their current menu.
Overall, the crumbed mushroom patty tasted quite good but I find the sauce a little too salty.

Good news! TCC is offering a 1 – for – 1 main course deal during Great Singapore Sale(GSS) period from 25th May to 22nd July 2012. Don’t miss this GSS promotion because the food here at TCC is considered quite expensive! The prices of the main course and pastas ranges from $17 to about $25. It’s almost like 50% off for a meal for two. My buddy and I dine at TCC right after the La Perla’s perfume launch at Marina Bay Sands The Shoppes (MBS).

Seafood Aglio Olio ($20.50)
This pasta was quite spicy but the scallops and prawns were fresh and succulent.

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