Bangkok’s Rush Hour: Day 4 – VIE Hotel and Madame Tussauds Bangkok

VIE Fit – Gym

We’ve come to the last day of our Bangkok trip! Before we checked-out of the hotel, we took a little hotel tour to find out what other facilities they offer. Too bad we didn’t have much time left in Bangkok to enjoy all the hotel facilities like the swimming pool, gym and sauna. It was quite a mad rush on the last day of our trip as we need to head to the airport right after visiting Madame Tussauds.

Sauna and Steam Room
Love the purple curtains.

Does it gives you a Bali-resort kind-of-feel?

Walkway from the gym to the poolside.

The pool!

Look over the ledge and enjoy the view right outside.
You might be able to wave to some passengers who are in the sky trains.

Lush greenery will keep in tune with nature.

Chillin’ at the comfy couch and basking under the sun.

Have a glass of champagne or read a magazine.
This is what I call VACATION!

Simple yet classy.

Check out the washroom!

Leather couches! WOW!

Breakfast buffet.

Great selection of bread and spreads.

Friendly reception.

Free tuk-tuk service!

VIE Lounge

VIE TUK-TUK for the tais-tais.

It was 8.45am. I still remembered very clearly that we planned to take the free hotel tuk-tuk to Siam Paragon so that we can enter Madame Tussauds, wax museum on time. Unfortunately, when we reach ther, we receive news that the Royal family is visiting Siam Paragon at 9am and all the entrances to the mall were cordoned off. We had a hard time trying to get into the mall! But thankfully, the manager of the mall helped us and told us that the Madame Tussauds is actually located at Siam Discovery Centre. So he lead us throught the mall but he said that the mall will be opened only at 10am. We had to wait for almost an hour before we could rush in!

Before we went for a mad rush, we went for a quick breakie at Cinnabons.

The Wax museum.

I was a little hesitant about visiting wax figurines museum. Not because I’m terrified of wax figurines or  fear that these figurines might come to alive and scare the hell out of me but because I simply think it was boring and uninteresting to be staring at wax figurines that has life in them. There are plenty of pictures taken by tourist who visited Madame Tussauds and the pictures look no different from each other. But then I realise nothing beats the feeling of being able to witness how real these wax figurines are. You just got to be there to examine and see for yourself whether these human wax figurines actually look like the real human figures. You will be the judge and if you think it looked like an exact duplicate of the real figure, then get your camera ready and snap away. It’s a great way to fool your friends into believing that you’ve met someone big and famous while travelling. How cool is that?

At the wax museum, we have several things to be accomplished because we bought the Gold package which entitles us to not only enter the museum but also to get our photos taken and developed and to make our very own Hollywood wax hand cast. But to our dismay, the wax hand station was not opened yet. We are almost on the verge of crying after the reception told us that the station will only open for operations at 1pm. But we had a flight to catch at 2.30pm! I think she must have sense our dissapointment in our tone of voice because immediately, she made a phone call and muttered something in Thai and a minute later, she turned to us with a smile and said,” Okay. The booth is ready.  I get them to prepare the materials needed for you now.” At that moment, I just wanted to hug her and thank her! This is what I call good service! Going a mile for the customers!

Dipping our hands in hot wax and cold water simultaneously. It’s pretty unbearable!

Would like a round or heart-shaped stand for your wax hand cast?
Well, I want nothing too fanciful. So I go for the plain round one.

That’s my travel pal’s wax hand cast!

It’s my turn now!!! She’s applying hand moisturiser all over my hands so that the wax cast can be easily removed from my hands.

Traditional Thai dancing hand pose? 
Am I doing this right?

Ooo! It’s so hot! My hands are burning!

It’s done!

I choose gold and silver for my wax hand cast.

Wow!!! It’s unbelievable!
It’s actually my hand!
The RIGHT hand!

I paid an additional of 200 Baht for the glitter. It’s worth the money.

Lovin’ all that glitz and glamour.

I present to you, my Glitzy hand!


It does kinda represent my blog, isn’t it?
Aren’t we all living a glitzy glam life in this crazy world?

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