Campfire Rocks

At Changi Coastal Sea Sports Centre with the kids for a 3 Day 2 Night camp.
Beating the heat by drowning ourselves with water.
Rock climbing.
It’s really heartwarming to see the kids helping each other out.
Occasional  loud sounds from the aeroplanes which zoomed past us. This is  where the kids go “Hello!”

Homemade-butter sponge cake.
Moist,soft and warm.

Go! Pioneers,go!
I don’t even think I can climb up all the way to the top by myself.

This camping site used be an old school compound.

Malay-style chicken rice.
The chicken drumstick tasted so heavenly. Why? Maybe all of us are just hungry after baby-sitting the kids.

Complete meal: Carbohydrate, protein , some fat and fibre.

Water Parade.

Kayaking in the sea.
What happen was that the water was kind of choppy and in order to maintain safety of the kids, we had to ferry them one by one to this end -point. ( marked with a yellow bobbing ball) It was quite an experience! I’ve never kayak-ed 4 pupils across the sea all by myself before! Praise the Lord for granting me all the strength and tenacity!

My little young ones. That’s the attitude in life. CHARGE!!!

“Little ones! This is how you do it!”

It rained like cats and dogs but the kids were not put off by the bad weather.

Kids these days are mature enough to learn their own ropes. Who says they can’t untie a knot? Sometimes we adults find it really difficult to untie knots when we get ourselves entangled.

Resuming back to a beautiful and sunny weather.

The kids are suppose to learn how to build their own raft using poles and ropes.
“Imagine your two legs as the rafting poles…”

It’s dinner time!
All the kids are farmished after going through all the hardwork.

Everything that you pop into your mouth tasted doubly delicious.

The sun sets and the night sky took over.

De-brief session

Remember kids, we all are in this together. One for all and all for one
This is one important life lesson that we all need to know.

Wakey-wakey! We’ve come to the final day of the kid’s camp.

How about some traditional kaya and margarine toast?

I used to eat this like 12 years ago!

Simple pleasures in life. A cookie dipped in hot milo.

An awesome balcony view of Changi coast.

We totally need this to soothe out swollen and bursting throats!

People come and go but memories will never be erased.

“Say what I say.”

This is my first-time witnessing how obedient and spontaneous these kids are when it comes to cheering, singing and chanting.

Are you camping or travelling?

Kids these days…

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