Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

 Teatime at Conference
 @Suntec Convention Hall
31 May 2012
Singaporeans, in particular ( I would think so), didn’t like wasting precious time. Majority of us had packed our schedule with a list of things to do and when it comes to attending talks and seminars, we get totally switched off by the idea of having to spend hours listening to boring and uninspiring speakers. But I was glad I didn’t sway to that sort of mentality. If not, I would have missed this great opportunity to learn from two great keynote speakers who have inspired me and assured me that I’ve chosen the right career path. It felt good to feel really strongly about what you are passionate for. 
“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
Wise words by a wise man. 
Green vegetarian dumplings! How queer!

It was a 2-day conference but I could only attend the first day as I have to head back to office on the second day. It was a fulfilling day where I get to listen speeches from two foreign keynote speakers who had indeed enriched my mind with wisdom and knowledge. Well, other than the speeches, these are some highlights of the conference itself. There were energizer booths stationed outside and conference hall and during our tea-break and lunch-time, I went around to check out the booths.

This is no ordinary mahjong tiles. Take a closer look.
Interesting! Isn’t it? It’s all about creativity and innovation.
Kids will be playing mahjong during their maths class. How fun!

Indian cultural booth. 
The indian culture is all about striking colours. I’m hoping that a backpacking trip to India would be made possible at the end of this year!

Add some colours to your life. Don’t take life too seriously, peeps. Smile as much as you can while you are on earth.

Balloon Sculpturing booth.
Big goldfish with 2 huge bulging eyes. Look where you’re heading! Open your eyes big enough to see where you’re heading to.

Malay cultural booth.
Making bunga rampai and bunga telur.

Bunga Rampai and Bunga Telur are cultural and traditional gifts that are given to attendees during Malay weddings and special occasions.

Bunga Rampai: Little meaningful mementos given to those who had attended the wedding.

The people manning the booth were awesome as they have prepared decorative items and materials for the conference partipants to have hands-on experience in making the Bunga Rampai and Bunga Telur.
Making the Bunga Telur with cupcake foils.

According to the people manning the booth,  the practice of giving Bunga Telur and Bunga Rampai has been replaced by something else. Nowadays, this cultural practice isn’t widely carried out by young muslim couples nowadays. Is that true? Because it would be such a petty! These Bunga Telur are lovely and ideal gifts for the wedding guests!

Glass-bottle painting booth.
How about some art therapy?
Soothing and calming for the soul.
A therapeutic activity for the family and kids!
It’s also a great way to recycle glass bottles when you paint it. An excellent way to turn unwanted items into beautiful decorative items for the house.

It’s not the end yet! There’s also a scrapbook-making booth. Another hands-on session for the participants!
Love birds. Add some floral-print ribbons and buttons. Voila!

After feeling energised by those booth activities, it’s lunch time!

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