La Perla In Rosa : New Feminine Fragrance

La Perla Boutique@ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
30th May 2012

We all had our first time for everything and this is my first-time attending a perfume launch event. (Thanks to ELLE magazine for the invite!) You can call me a perfume-maniac because I am simply in love with scents so when I know I had the opportunity to check out the latest perfume launch by La Perla (aka the Pearl) in town!

La Perla Boutique at Marina Bay Sands

Ladies, you might want to pay a little attention to this Italian lingerie brand which offers beautifully-designed, glamourous and chic underthings. Their lingerie is nothing too over-the-top as it’s sexy but yet classy. Other than lingerie, they also have their own line of signature fragrances. I mean, besides looking good, it’s equally important to smell as good, right?

This year, they just launch their new feminine fragrance named La Perla in Rosa which is described as a sparkling, spontaneous and lusciously femine scent for the free-spirited woman who could look effortlessly beautiful in their very own ways. It’s a sweet fruity-floral fragrance that will leave an addictive and sensual trail after letting the scent lingers on the skin for some time.

Top Notes: Pink pepper, pear and raspberry

Middle Notes: Rose oil, Cyclamen and violet

Base Notes: Patchouli oil , amber, sandalwood

If sophiscated and elegant are the two words which your friends would describe you as, this could be the perfume for you. The scent is classy and has alot of depth to it. If you are a woman of depth and independence, this could be your everyday accessory to alludes that selfless confidence in you. I would say this is more of a day-time perfume and it would be best to use it during autumn or winter where the middle and base notes will work well with the skin and stay on it for a longer period of time.

The guests were served with red raspberries which is one of the ingredients found in the perfume itself.

Champagne with berries.

Sweet,sweet rose-flavoured macarons frm Brunetti. Lovely.

We had a pink ribbon,that carried that scent of La Perla in Rosa, being tied to our wrist.
Oh, smells so good. 
It’s pink fantasy.

I love how the perfume can smell so feminine and girly at the same time. This is one of the scents that is not too overpowering .This is one scent that is left to be discover,love and remember.

The bottle of La Perla in Rosa is an adaptation from La Perla’s classic fragrance where the curvy bottle, designed by Pierre Dinand, echoes the sensual outline of a woman’s décolleté.

Be that woman who leaves an unforgettable scent.
Parfums are my objets du desir.

So pretty, isn’t it?
New version of cupcakes.
It’s so pretty that I’ve to get this for my future parties or wedding.

Yummy popcakes.

Are cupcakes going to be the next fade-away trend in Singapore

Raspberry, Vanilla and Rose -flavoured macarons.

This is too CUTE to be eaten!!!

Chocolate with pepper.
Uh-huh! It has a peppery taste!

La Perla in Rosa has indeed made a statement today in getting women to feel more empowered about themselves in a feminine and sensual way. Besides La Perla in Rosa, La Perla also has its own line of signature fragrance like the La Perla’s classic fragrance.

This is a timeless fragrance since 1987! A year before I was born!

Top Notes: Freesia, clove, mandarin
Middle Notes: Rose, coriander, cardamom and pepper accord
Base Notes: Patchouli, sandalwood
Unlike La Perla in Rosa, this is not a sweet floral perfume for the sweet young things. This is a classic chypre perfume which has some oriental flavour to it. Just like any classic scents of other brands in the past, it smells quite powdery and heavy on the first whiff. It takes quite sometime before the true heart of the perfume shows its character. Knowing the heart of a fragrance is like getting to know someone. You body takes time to mingle with the scent.
Some believe that such classic scents only suits grannies, nannies or mummies. If you’re daring enough,    try using such classic scents in a creative way that doesn’t leave you smelling like an 80-year-old lady in the presence of others. 
I’m leaving you to your creativity and imagination.
Have fun with scents,girls!

Spritz on some parfum on your skin to celebrate the joy du vivre!

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