Let’s Go to Taiwan! Episode 2

Sun Link Sea Hotel

We rose to a dreary and gloomy morning. The itinanery for the day includes a tour to a diamond factory, Dream mall and Leo He night market. It was almost like a wasted trip to the diamond factory because the diamond were highly-priced and the guide gave us more than an hour to shop for diamonds which I wasn’t quite interested in. But things get slightly better when we explored Dream mall and I bought all my facial mask at their local drugstore which I will doing a review of it really soon.

8 Course Meal Lunch

Diamond Factory

Rainy Taiwan

Dream Mall
 I was totally “blown away” by the weather.

The mall is pretty cute itself.

Elmo and friends!

There’s a Hello Kitty Ferris Wheel at the Dream Mall

The facial masks sold in Taiwan is about a few dollars cheaper than in Singapore.

Pan Fried Oysters Omelette

Even seen a mushroom that big?
When it comes to food, Taiwanese can be really creative.
My beauty diary – My favourite facial mask!

Liu He Night Market
Famous Papaya Milkshake

Crown and Fancy Cafe

The coffee and cake is yummilicious!

We settle down at E-Da Sky Park Hotel for the night.

Hotel room interior

Outfit for that day!

The ferris wheel

E-Da Theme Park Postcard

We woke up bright and early the next morning. The weather seems to be on our side today!

Pancakes! I love Pancakes with maple syrup and butter!
This has got to be one of my favourite breakfast buffet so far.

Outfit of that day for theme park
Top: Mango
( This is the top I bought during the recent Mango Fashion Night-out)
Bottoms: H&M

We were standing right outside the entrance of the themepark, waiting for it to open its gates.

Welcome to this Greek-style theme park.
That’s Santorini for you.

The blue and white city of Santorini

Trojan Horse

Everyone needs a clown in their life
To cheer them on when one is feeling down.

15-min Ferris Wheel ride
 This ferris wheel ride is terribly long!

Supersweet Fruit Store
We dropped by at this fruit store which offers super unnaturally sweet fruits.

Landscape Spacious Resortopia

Our tour bus
We’ve spend endless time on this tour bus touring the whole of Taiwan.

Country-style houses

If only I could own a glitzy house like this…..

Hot stone Herbal  Bath


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