Let’s Go to Taiwan! Episode 3

Chi Shing Tan at Hualien


At the beach


The pebbles by the shore are huge!


Searching for the right one.


Lunch at a chinese restaurant that uses natural and organic ingredients


The ” healthy rice”
Rich in fibre
All the dishes are presented in an elaborated manner in this restaurant.


Cripsy Taro Ball for desserts
This is everyone’s favourite at the table because everything was gone within a minute.
Our thoughtful tour guide bought a birthday cake for the June babies in our tour group.


Age transcend almost everything these days.


Taroko Gorge


Thr tour guide, Leo, told us that this cafe serve one Taiwan’s best coffee.


Map of Taiwan


One of Taiwan’s best coffee?
Coffee’s good but it’s not one of the best which I’ve tasted so far.
Parkview hotel


Green landscape in the surroundings of the hotel


This hotel has quite alot of facilities – gym, billard room, study room and spa.


For dinner, we get to enjoy an Italian-style buffet but the food was mediocre.


Italian food festival


That’s all for now folks!

Bad news! My memory card went out of space so I didn’t take any photos from Day 6 to Day 9 of the trip.But I’m glad I didn’t because my mood was already dampen by the continuous shower of rain. It’s pretty much a futile trip to Taiwan. Despite everything, I would still love to go there again except that I would never go on a tour package again.

But here’s the itinenary for the rest of the trip:
Day 6
Shih Lin Night market
Day 7
Little Ulai Sky Walk
Taipei 101
Day 8

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