My Lovely Saturday Brunch @ Choupinette

I rode my bicycle to Choupinette for Brunch.
I don’t even know how to ride a bike.

It’s a lovely Saturday morning and I met up with my bestie for brunch. It would be nice though if I could cycle from home to Choupinette which is located in Bukit Timah area, opposite Coronation Plaza. I would definitely come back again to try out their other brunch sets! It’s such a lovely and cosy breakfast place!

607 Bukit Timah road #01-01
Tel: 6466 0613

Their own bakery that serve French pasteries.

Great selection of wines.

It’s a rather small place. It might get too crowded on weekends and you’ll have to wait for seats.
 But it’s alright because it felt really cosy!
Where’s my Egg Ben?
I miss dining in Singapore after travelling for so long.

Grapefuit juice

Here comes my Egg Benedict!

Egg Benedicts – with Hollandaise sauce

It is a tough fight with Pique Nique’s Egg Norwegian! The poached eggs were nicely done – runny egg yolks and soft and fluffy cooked-egg whites. The sliced baked bacon was not too tough and it’s quite tender. It’s not your typical American bacon which is high in fats and cholesterol. It isn’t too oily or fattening. I guess the Chef doesn’t want to clog our arteries with saturated fats and cholesterol.

Enjoying my weekend Brunch with bestie Esther!

In the their Brunch set menu, the Egg Benedict’s Brunch set which includes a hot drink and a juice is priced at $20. It’s quite a good deal considering that you get to enjoy to two drinks! Maybe a cup of hot coffee and juice? That day I wasn’t up for any caffeinated drinks so I went with hot chocolate.

This is good, trust me. But it just doesn’t look pleasant with some of the cocoa powder floating on top. Was it done on purpose?

Their Egg Ben is not the only star dish of this restaurant. Their pastries are equally delicious too! It did reminded me of Parisien bakeries.

Colourful and lovely-looking donughts cheer you up on a Saturday morning.

Millefeuille framboise
This tasted heavenly! Be sure to order this when you’re dining at Choupinette. 

Warning: It is going to be quite messy when eating this because the pastries don’t crumble as easily but the raspberry-custard filling send you straight to the clouds in Heaven.

A Frozen Non-fat Yogurt place
617 Bukit Timah Road
11am – 10.30 pm (Daily)

Choupinette is a tiny cafe and with tables pretty close to each other, it’s quite difficult to hold conversations with friends or your other dining partners at the table. Besides, it’s packed on a Saturday late morning/early afternoon so Esther and I decided we should head somewhere else for desserts. About a couple of stores down from Choupinette, just beside a German supermarket, we found this brightly-lit and cheery place that serves frozen yoghurt. That’s it! We thought. We will settle here for our desserts.

This is a pretty new concept where customers get to fill their own cups with yogurt.

We had Cookies ‘N Cream flavoured yogurt.

You get to choose the type of toppings you want too!
In my opinion, the best topping for frozen yogurt is granola!

Weigh your cup at the counter!
( Note: There is a 10% discount for students!)

Okay, honestly, it just taste like Chocolate yoghurt to me as the flavour is not too strong. It’s lightly-flavoured.

We shared the cup of yogurt!

Girly-girl session

There are several copies of Seventeen magazine for dine-in customers to read,chill and just relax. It’s a great place to be in if you just want get away from the usual weekend crowd. You could call it a secret-hide out for the girls,maybe.

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