Pimples: A Girls’ Nightmare

We all had our acne days, don’t we?

The emergence of pimples marks the start of puberty, a period of raging hormones. Having to deal with acne is all part of the teenage life but I’m glad that I walked out of this “pimply stage” in life. It’s definitely a battle for me to deal with skin problems such as oily skin, acne scars and enlarge pores.

At that time, there weren’t many products that treat acne in the market as compared to now. Lucky you, young little ones. Today there are a huge range of skincare products targeted at treating acne or oily-proned skin. Such skin products treat acne by eliminating skin bacteria and reduce oil or sebum secretion from our skin. Though I am entering my mid-twenties, I still had occasional breakouts where my pores are clogged and pimples start erupting especially when I am under stress.

So I am kinda glad that when Mentholatum had sent me their new Acnes Daily Face Scrub and Acnes Creamy wash to try out and to share my personal review with you guys.

Acnes Daily Facial Scrub

Retailed at $7.50 in major local supermarkets and pharmacies.

This facial scrubs is one of favourite out of the two products. The scrub has two different kinds of beads: Green beads which has a deep cleasing power and blue beads which provides a delightful cooling and soothing massage when rubbed on the skin. To prevent acne, the green beads contain substances that kills acne bacteria and it thoroughly deep cleanses down into the pores, unclogging blocked pores. On the other hand, the blue cooling mentol beads together with aloe vera and cucumber gently massages the face and helps to soothe the skin. The Vitamin C and E present in the scrub also reduced redness in the skin and helped lighten acne scars. Best of all, this scrub is suited for everyday use and it is gentle on sensitive skin. I have developed sensitive skin over the years and its really not easy to look for products which are effective and yet gentle on the skin. Unlike most scrubs in the market, this facial scrub is not too drying on the skin and it will not leave your skin feeling taut.

Acnes Creamy Wash

Retailed at SGD$6.90 in all major local supermarkets and pharmacies.

One of the reasons why we screamed when we look ourselves in the mirror and witness a huge pimple erupting is because we sometimes do not cleanse our skin properly! This is especially so if we are born with oily skin that continuously secretes excess sebum. A good acne facial wash is one that is able to effectively prevent pimples and is non-irritating to the skin. Acnes creamy wash contains isoprpyl Methyphenol ( an anti-Bacterial property) that penetrates deep into the pores to combat pimple-cuasing bacteria. In addition to that, the creamy wash also contains Vitaminc C with moisture retention and Viatmin E to help keep the eleasticity of the skin.  However, after using this creamy wash for a couple of times, I find that this facial wash was a little too drying on my skin. But I do not not really have very oily skin to begin with as compared to when I was in my teens. Infact, my skin is rather dry at times and I had to use gel-based products to cleanse and moisturize my skin. Gel-based facial products works best  for my sensitive and acne-proned skin.

And boys, not to worry. This is product is not another girly or feminine product targeted at females only. It’s a universal understanding that everyone wants to look good,clean and healthy too! So guys, if you are suffering from oily skin or acne, you have to do sometime about your skin right now!

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