A Cappella Championships 2012 @ Singapore Polytechnic

I was down last Saturday for an A Cappella singing competition at Singapore Polytechnic.This is part of the series of SHINE events which I have to do a video coverage using the Panasonic Camcorder HC-X900M. The 6.30pm concert lasted for almost 3 hours with 11 acappella groups singing 3 songs each. By 9.15pm, my ears were exhausted from hearing all those beat-box beats with Beyonce or Rihana-like diva sensational voice. Okay, I got it. There are many wonderful singers out there who can really sing.

Every single one of them who performed on stage can really sing but only a few outstanding ones can sing with a voice that would touch people’s heart. A voice that people could relate too. Singing competition,these days, is not only about having a pretty voice but also a voice that could aroused excitement,happiness and that warm fuzzy feeling in our hearts. The winners of the competition have did a great job in making my hair stand and giving me that goosebumps.

Congrats to That A Cappella Group (from ITE) and NUS Resonance!

What’s the highlight of this performance? For me, it’s the finale where A-Five, the Korean acappella group, was introduced. They blew us away with their crazy heavy beatbox and cool rapping skills.

Anneyeong Hasayo! Sarang heyo!

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