Artease Cafe @ Esplanade ​: The Attack of the Pearls


It’s the weekends again! I love Saturday mornings. It represents the start of the weekend and at the back of your head, you know that you will have about 48 hours, plenty of time to spend your weekend fruitfully. Chillin’ with friends at cafes, spending time with family, attending concerts or exercising in parks. There are just endless ways to spend your two precious days of the week and I love it when Fridays around the corner and Saturdays just comes right after Fridays.


My Saturdays are reserved for friends and blogging events and Sundays are reserved for family.  

This Saturday, my college besties had a gathering at Artease Cafe in Esplanade. It was a quiet and wet late morning and we were probably their first customer of the day. What a lazy late morning! With all the rain drizzling from the grey sky…  


It’s really nice to have the whole place to yourself. Quiet and cosy.


Our dear Eunice was late again and we made her treat us! It’s totally justifiable to make the latecomer to foot the bill. Even the waiter at the restaurant,where we met previously, specially came to our table and told us that we should make the latecomer pay! What a good idea!  


Anyway, we ordered a monster set ($26) which includes a monster mug of bubble milk tea and a platter of fried finger food. In addition to that, we also ordered Egg Royale (S$15) and Pasta in a crust (S$16). We chose salted caramel latte with Aiyu jelly for the drink which was really good!  


The food, overall, was quite mediocre but the service was good except for one particular moody waitress whose face looked really dull. The service was commendable for a reason.

When the Eggs Royale was served, I realise that the egg whites are not properly cooked and my gung-ho friend went immediately to the kitchen to look for the waitress. They agreed to prepare a new set of Eggs Royale for us and on top of that, apologise and refunded us the cost of the dish. Excellent and applaudable service! I do appreciate their kind gesture but they do need to improve their quality of the food because the eggs whites still appeared translucent in their second serving.

Eggs Royale  


I like the smoked salmon and the toast but I dislike the Hollandaise sauce that was drizzled over the top. The Hollandaise sauce has too much margarine in it. It’s almost as if the sauce is purely made out of margarine. The eggs are of lower grade too where the yolk is very runny. In other cafes, the chefs use better quality eggs which are fresh, nutritious and delicious.


Fried Finger Food : Chicken wing, calamari, fried cauliflower, potato wedges and meatballs   I love their fried cauliflower! I would definitely ordered that if I’m back here again. It is very crunchy and tasted very much like popcorn chicken.

Pasta in a brisket
served with potato wedges, smoked salmon and mesclun salad   This cheese brisket is very crispy and appetizing. The pasta is good except that the sauce used could be better.


Whether the food is good or not, the company is more important. Rain or shine, your friends will always stand by you. Looking forward to the next weekend already? 


Enjoy a fantastic view of Singapore’s city skyline after dining at Artease!

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