Bakerzin@Jurong Point: Late Night Tea

Grab a good book, call some friends, search for a cozy cafe, order cafe latter and cakes and then sit, relax, chat and enjoy yourself as you watch the world goes by.


I prefer the Scarlet and lemon macarons over the Hazelnut flavoured ones. The hazelnut macarons tasted quite bland.
Sweet macarons make me stay happy all day long. 
Especially the pink ones.

My soul buddy is crazy over lemon. After eating this, I guess I’m going lemon-crazy too. It’s a yummy and citrusy lemon flan that awakes your senses.


Light and creamy but not too sweet. Not exactly that fantastic but pleasant to nibble on them as you douse your throat with some latte.
Soul buddy loves reading. It’s nice talking to your buddy who shares the same beliefs and values as you do.

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