Canon DSLR Workshop: My new lovely Canon 650D Camera!

If you haven’t already know, there’s actually a complimentary product training for all Canon camera users at Canon Imaging Academy! Recently, I decided that I should just go ahead to invest in a DSLR so that I could capture great shots of people,food,places and things for my blog. The free 2-hour product training come in as really handy as I finally understood how my camera works and how I could operate the camera better. At this workshop, I learnt about the exposure and its relationship to Aperture,Shutter speed and ISO. I won’t dwell much into the photography lingos but these are the terms I need to get myself familiar with if I’m playing with the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. Now you know what DSLR stands for, don’t you?
During the workshop, the instructor will also hand out some useful booklets and guide books on how to capture great pictures. It’s very informative and enriching for people like me who knew nothing about DSLR except to press the shutter button to take pictures.
 There’s something beautiful about DSLR cameras which you can never find in compact digital cameras. There are many a times where I have images of what I want to capture in my mind already and all I need is a good camera to translate these images in my mind into photos which can we shared and viewed by others. The previous digital camera which I was using couldn’t do the job for me, especially for night shots. But this Canon EOS 650D that I’m owning does a great job for me. 

Canon 650D is the latest DSLR in Canon’s EOS Rebel series with touch-screen technology. At first, I was looking into Canon 600D which was recommended by a friend who’s really into Photography but I decided to splurge on the Canon’s 650D after some persuasion from the salesperson at Alan Photo Shop. He said that the 650D produce a better video quality than the 600D and of course, as a Vlogger, I would have to settle for a camera that could produce good quality videos.I’m very satisfied with the pictures taken so far but I couldn’t really capture macroshots due to the lens I’m currently given. The 18-55mm lens comes along with Canon 650D on purchase so if you need to take macroshots, you have to purchase another lens that could shoot at a closer range.

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