ELLE Photography Workshop with Canon @ Loola’s, Esplanade

Spend a lovely afternoon with ELLE magazine and Canon Photography @ Loola’s at Esplanade.
This photography workshop features Canon’s latest DSLR from the EOS series, Canon 650D, which is the one I’m owning right now!
The highlights for this workshop includes a sharing session by fashion photographer, Joel Lim and author of ieat.ishoot.ipost food blog, Dr.Leslie Tay!
Delectable delights.
Fashion photographer, Joel Lim was also the photographer for Sunsilk Academy Fantasia’s profile photoshoot! What a coincidence! I love his work in the fashion world. He shown has some of his photo compositions of high fashion and shares about how he step into the world of photography.
Impressive and inspiring.
What truly aspires him to pursue a career as a photographer is the very famous and well-known picture of an Afghan girl with penetrating blue eyes on the National Geographic Magazine. He would talk about how he use to attend weddings and take pictures of beautiful things and people. Experience is your best teacher afterall.
Author of  ieat.ishoot.ipost food blog, Dr.Leslie Tay was also there to share with us some tips on food photography. This was my second time meeting him and person and was glad that he still recognises me!
He talks about photo composition and about using natural lighting to set a nice,even contrast of colours and textures of the food to make it look appetizing. One interesting point he mentioned was about how a photo could engage our five senses. For instance, the photo of a steak on a hot plate can evoke emotions, sounds and taste of the delicious-looking piece of meat,sizzling on the hot plate.
Leslie Tay’s 1/3 rule. He took a picture of a waiter working at Loola’s and I tried to replicate a similar photo taken by him! There you go!
After the short seminar and sharing session, we get to dry Loola’s signature delights. The food here was incredibly awesome! This is a chocolate paradise! Forget about the calories!
I’ve always wanted to do a food review here and I finally got the chance to taste and sample some of Loola’s signature dishes. I have to say it’s really good! I love their quiche pies that is stuff with huge chunks of meat. 
Fresh ingredients with different textures that would arouse your sense of taste,smell and sight.
They even served us beverages too. That really sweeten things up for the attendees who can’t bear to leave this place after tasting all the mouth-watering fingerfood.
So honoured to be taking a photo with Photographer of the Year 2012, Joel Lim!

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