Fun Excursion @ JCube in Jurong East

Have you checked out the new mall in Jurong East yet? It’s not just another cookie-cutter mall (quoted from my bestie) that housed all the common local brands store in Singapore. This is the only mall in Singapore with a large ice-skating rink located in the centre of the mall. On top of that, there’s also a digital IMAX movie theatre that shows excellent quality 3D-movies that will draw you into the movie itself.
I was invited to visit the latest Casio G-Factory to learn about their latest range of watches. We have Jane, the brand store manager of JCube’s Casio G-Factory to introduce us about Casio, the brand itself and its
products offered in Singapore.
Casio G-Factory is currently offering 5 different series of watches- Baby-G, G-Shock. Edifice, Sheen and Pro-Trek. Sheen is their latest series of watch catered to the sophisticated and young working women. I am into watched recently and I was very attracted to their Sheen series because their metallic Sheen watches looked pretty but elegant and classy at the same time.

I’m eyeing this classy white watch right now! Though I may have to wait til I earned enough to own this beautiful watch!

“Make every moment shines.”

Casio’s Sheen Series

When I first heard about Casio G-Factory, the first question which comes up to my mind was why G-Factory? Is there a watch-making factory in the heartland of Jurong East, at JCube? What does “G” actually stands for? I’ve been wearing G-shock and Baby-G watches during my primary school days but I only knew what G stands for today. It stands for “Gravity”. This shock-resistant and “unbreakable” watch goes against the effects of gravity. Tough,resilient and resistant. All men should own this. (Haha)P1180785

Next, we headed to the cinemas to catch the latest movie, The Amazing Spiderman at JCube’s Shaw theatres. It’s the second digital IMAX theatre (opened in April 2012) to be introduced in Singapore after its success of the first IMAX theatre at Shaw Lido which has seen an increase in ticket sales.
The good news is you don’t have to travel all the way to town in order to enjoy the IMAX movie experience. You can now catch the latest Hollywood’s blockbuster films in the west of Singapore! That’s a “yay” for me too!
The IMAX’s Digital Theatre System offers the most immersive movie-going experience possible with it’s laser-aligned digital sound and amazing 3D- effect that will put you right into the story of the film.  While I watch The Amazing Spiderman, it felt as if you are in the movie with the hottie, Andrew Garfield.
The high-gain screen has a slight curvature which maximises your field of view and creates a larger effective screen.
Even their 3-D glasses are slightly different from the ones I used to wear in other theatres!
Before the movie, I had a quick lunch fix with my friend at JCube’s Kopitiam, located right at the basement of the mall. What’s interesting is that each food stall offers a healthier dish in their menu. These so-called healthier dishes can be distinguish by healthier-choice symbol marked in the menu. I guess it’s a way the government encourages all to eat healthily!

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