Grocery Shopping Haul : What you can find at Cold Storage but can’t find at NTUC

These days I’m starting to get really particular about what goes into my body. I’m all for organic, natural and fresh food produce that would effectively nourish and replenish the body with nutrients needed for growth and energy. As much as possible, I try to avoid consuming food that is processed or packages in  cans or bottles. The idea is to go organic and to feed your body will the good stuff. Don’t waste your calories on food that doesn’t taste as good! – that’s a quote from Dr. Leslie Tay.

In doing so, my body slowly stops to crave for processed food such as potato chips, instant noodles, sweets and canned food. It’s all about listening to what your body needs and respond to it by eating the right type and amount of nutritious food that would not only feed your body but also your soul.

So last Sunday I was on a grocery shopping trip to Cold Storage (local supermarket) at JCube to search for healthier food products that were not sold commonly at NTUC Fairprice or Xtra. I was pretty impressed by how much organic food Cold Storage actually offers. There’s a wider range of organic food products imported from Western countries like USA and Australia sold at Cold Storage. Though organic food products could be pricier than non-organic food, I still it’s worth investing on food that introduces good stuff into your body rather than consuming less healthy food that would deteroriate your health conditions over time.

I’ve bought a box of cherries, blueberries, pita bread, omega-3 white eggs, wholemeal dark rye bread, multi-grain loaf from the bakery and a packet of couscous. I’m inspired to prepare couscous salad after trying my first cous-cous salad at Group Therapy Cafe! I love the taste of everything so far except the dark rye bread which is a little too dry and bitter on the tongue. It can taste rather unappetizing for some but for me, I guess I could still bear the taste of it!

Go green! Go organic! 

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