Group Therapy @ Duxton Road: Food Catalyses People Together

Duxton Hill, a gentrified neighbourhood, is a place for those who just want to stay away from the crowd in the city-centre.Here, you will find artisanal cafes housed in restored colonial shophouses along Tanjong Pagar/Outram region.

Group Therapy Coffee

49 Duxton Road
+65 6222 2554

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Like any other cafes, this place here is rather small and you might have to be on the waiting list if you planning to come down on weekends. I try to avoid the crowd as much as possible because I just didn’t like the feeling of having to dine in cafe when you know that there is 10 other people waiting to get a table too. That’s too much pressure for me to handle especially when I just want to sit around and have a meaningful conversation with friends.

A breathable living space for communal gatherings.
Food has become a common catalyst for people to come together and socialise.

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All cafes love to boast about how they would only use the finest of everything- from coffee beans to artisan breads.  They wrote endlessly about their uniquely fresh blend of roasted coffee beans that would satisfy any coffee-lovers. But I had this tad dissappointment when I took a sip of the cappuccino. It tasted all wrong – just too bitter and foamy. I took the initiative to ask them to add more milk to the coffee and that’s when things are starting to fall in place. The coffee was as good as the ones served at 40Hands.


This shepherd’s pie really got me hooked. It just goes well with the potato chips and the cous-cous salad was another delightful appetizer to whey your appetite.

It’s full of pleasant surprises here at Group Therapy. I  realized that Group Therapy changes its menu every now and then. Today, I can get my share of some delicious shepherd’s pie but I probably can’t ordered it again if I’m back during the weekends. This could be a “boo-hoo” for some but for others who love surprises, like myself, would love to come back again and again to try other new dishes prepared by the chef.
I was editing my photos on photobucket and when I saw this photo of the pecan pie, thoughts starts to bob up in my head – ” I shall never order this pie again!”. It didn’t exactly awful but it’s just too sugary and “manufactured”. I saw the exact same pecan pie selling at another cafe in Tanjong Pagar! Get it? I think this pie was pre-ordered from the wholesale confectionary centre which my Dad used to mention about it whenever I talk about cakes and desserts. He says that restaurants and cafes purchase cakes from this cake factory that makes high quality cakes. It may taste yummy to some but I prefer the freshly home-baked ones because there’s no where else you can get it.


Work with what you have. Don’t try hard to achieve what you can never get.
That’s the spirit about being yourself.
Guess that’s what made this cafe truly charming in its own way.

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