Healthilicious Egg Fried Rice with Cheese

When it comes to Chinese cuisine, the only dish I’m good at is whipping up a plate of Chinese-style fried rice using cold left-over rice stored in the fridge. That was my very first dish that my parents taught me to cook after I master how to cook Maggi noodles with a metal pot.
An important tip I learnt from my Dad about dishing out a plate of good O’fried rice is to fry the rice with a huger fire, flaming under the wok. It’s all about the heat which helps to prevent the rice grains from sticking with each other and to evenly coat each rice grain with oil that would glisten nicely under light. To avoid clumping of rice grains, you have to fry the rice swiftly with the frying ladle.
 Here’s another tip which my friend’s Dad taught him: drizzle the sides of the wok with Soya sauce instead of pouring it all over the rice quickly. In this way, the heat from the sides of the wok will evaporate the Soya sauce and gently caramelized the soya sauce, releasing a fragrant scent that would lure anyone to kitchen.
In this recipe, I have came up with a healthier version of egg fried rice which consists mainly of fresh ingredients.
(Servings: 2)
Cold leftover-night rice ( 2 Rice bowls)
2 Omega-3 white eggs ( enriched with Vitamin E)
1 tablespoon of chopped garlic
2 tablespoons of chopped onion
2 slices of chopped ham
1 tablespoon of soya sauce
Red Bell Pepper
1 Cheese slice
Garnishes: Chinese Parsley and fried onion rings
Black pepper
Fry the chopped garlic and onion on a heated frying pan with some vegetable oil. Add in the rice and fry quickly to prevent the rice from clumping together. Crack the eggs and fry well under high temperature. Lastky, add the ham, red bell pepper and drizzle the Soya sauce at the sides of the hot frying pan, allowing the soya sauce to drip slowly into the rice. Serve with cheese and some garnishes for taste.

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